Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Everything that happened when we weren't around

  • Duke is shit
  • People sneaking guards into other houses
  • House Rivalt
    Unalligned but friends of Tumenat (Switch sides a lot)

*Troubled times (Nearby Garrisons called in)

  • Militia shitting on people “Peacekeepers”
  • Isabella is sad about the tower
  • Zeppelin shows up
  • Duke older brother (oldest from that gen)
  • From eastfire with his guards
  • Duke getting a bollocking (Brother here to help)
  • House anfield send group who are mostlyin conference with duke

On the streets

  • MB and Cutters spotted White Masks
  • White Masks: House Anfield Spymaster’s death squad/personal assassins (led by Harlen)
  • Serious strings pulled for these super nazis to be brought in
  • Every house sneaking in guards to other houses or city in general for protection
  • Tumenat not because they’re the damn Ducal Family
  • Fairfax has enough soldiers already
  • House Roan have significantly more (buying more weapons than people though)
  • No more murders between noble houses
  • Treb been seen with Ritter and Roan following announcement by Duke for the head of Ginny “Wheellock” Siddal

Changes to the city

  • More troops from front to join Rithaign (so army in the city) when garrison leaves
  • Strong house outside the city with army running it (Primula has most of the staff there in her employ)
  • Dryght are (officially) on top of the situation (also have higher ups bollocking them)
  • New Mage brought in (Aldous notably absent)

Talk of the town

  • Business has been resumed by Cutters and Merchants and other criminals
  • Mysterious magic ship rose out of the harbour (Rando magic, not high)
  • Intrigue kicks up once again as houses move against each other and the “bollockers” move out
  • House war between Roan and Ritter doesn’t kick off, but still definitely tension there



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