Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 11 Summary

The group head back form the forest, stopping in at a coach house. Whilst stopped an Avedinian, Rudello de Vitsio. He offer a proposition to the team and offers a drink which they all partake in.

After the group drink, the man announces two things, that if they can guess the man who wished them poisoned he would tell them of the type of poison. The group discuss why the Rohn family wish them dead, and Rudello informs them of the poison, Asp poision.

Tyll manages to talk Rudello into taking Marie and Karl to get the antidote as they had nothing to do with the incident which he complies with.

The group speaking with a waitress find a notable fixer within the bar, quickly enacting a plan to speak with her.


The trio of Rudello’s people are killed and the group manage to get to a fixer who begins the process of fixing the group. After the group take a breif time healing they head out back to Rithaign. The journey is uneventful.

During the time away the cult, trade winds and House Brimstone all take actions towards their own gains.

On return, Sam finds Reinholdt, and wishes to show him something. Sam managed to sell the original bird and had worked some things for Trade Winds, also opening Bailey and Reinholdt’s engineering. Tyll checks in with the cult hearing of the return of Xander’s boat. Sa’di checks in with the MB and finds that the boss has been asking after her.

After all of this Nentarsche came to visit the group, bringing Primula to introduce them. The Axemen had sent a letter regarding their safe return to Thyre.

Nentarshe left the group to discuss and Primula stayed to find out what the group were up to. Talk quicky turned to dealing with the Rohn house. To find out more about them Primula agreed to take people into the household as additional people. Both Jac and Sa’di are to pose as servants to the others. Rohn agrees to meet Primula for lunch the following day.

Primula, Sa’di Jac, Iris & Drewitt role up to the Rohn household and are shown to an imposing drawing room. Farsees delays meeting the group, sending Artos to begin the discussions about the resons for being here.

During the encounter with House Rohn, after being introduced as Lady Alya, Sa’di sneaks off to case the house, the second floor housing rooms such as the library, bedrooms, studies etc. The windows are shuttered, that can be bolted from the inside and would need forcing. Less flamables, the books are cased etc. Small amount of guards.

House Rohn wish to investigate the company, and wishes Primula to set up a meeting with Trade Winds.



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