Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 14 Summary

Week 14 (Song of the day – Kiss the Girl)

Court, Sa’di and Primula are sat in a room waiting on Artos Rohn and Baron Rivalt. Treb Quinlan knocks upon the door, asking to speak with Primula, regarding the shipping of weapons. Clarifying with Primula about her agreement with Lord Nentarsce. Artos and Baron Rivalt, return to the room, Artos discusses potential trading with East Fire due to the war and to further the Alya house story. Artos is interested in further trade deals, as is Baron Rivalt. Upon leaving Artos gives a look to Primula regarding the attack on herself earlier in the day.

During the evening Lady Blackwell and Delphina are having some kind of tiff. Sa’di is introduced to many of the notable people at court, meeting Duchess Katerina etc.

Reinholdt is working on engineering, whilst the shop continue working on the kite for Tyll.

Tyll finally goes on a date with Marie (Woohoo, go Tarie!), Marie has made an effort for the date, wearing an more date like outfit and perfume. Tyll buys her a new tricorn hat. They go to a legitimate Marnish establishment before a wander through the merchant’s quarter. After they go for a boat trip where they discuss life, Marie mentions that her surname is Winterhill: as she was an orphan child found in Winterhill.

3 days (Scene order play)

  • Tyll & the Cult – Setting Xander, Jac, and Scowler, up as Gulls of the Cult. Taking Scowler out on his boat.
  • Reinholdt & the Fighting Pits (+Sa’di)- Sa’di & Reinholdt get themselves into a group fight vs. a team of four. Fightan happens. Skin, Bones, Big Tom & Flat Face become regulars at the bar (potential crew mates)
  • Primula & the Family Meeting – Stuff happened
  • Sa’di, the Letter & the Gun – Sa’di speaks with Nentarsce regarding getting the letter sent out to the Axemen, acquiring some more rum and then sees Lisette in regards of trading the musket for a pistol.

3 days later.
One evening Snek wanders into The Swindler Haul, speaking with Sa’di, the crew are offered a job stealing minted crowns to the garrison. Sa’di gathers the ‘crew’ and they gather at Ginny’s.

Ginny runs through the mission, and the crew roll out. Swimming out of the city, the crew head for the nearby stables to grab some horses. The crew manage to get some horses from a nearby stable, going hunting for an ambush point in the road.

The fight goes in the favour, of Sa’di and her crew, beating the horsemen, infantry, drygt and warden.



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