Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 15 Summary

Lootin’ ensues amongst the corpse of the fight before. .

The group collect up all the various weapons, trinkets etc. into the second carriage taking it away, stopping at a coaching in nearby. Sa’di and one of the thugs head back into the city taking the generic horses back to the stable. Speaking with Ginny’s crew about a job well done, letting them know that the boxes were on route into the city. Then speaking with Primula about smuggling things into the city, realising that the Silent Footsteps organisation could smuggle in the weapons, and money into the city. Whilst Primula brought in the carriage and war horses.

The group reconvened at The Swindlers Haul, working out that a fixer was the best bet to open the boxes was a fixer. Reinholdt and Sa’di, went to see Lisette about getting into the boxes.

Lisette manages to get into two of the three boxes, netting 2,700 gold after paying for her
services. One of the thugs is sent with breaking the last box gaining an addition 2,800. Earning a total of 5,500, with the standard MB split earning Sa’di and crew 3,850.

Meanwhile Tyll and Primula leave to Trade Winds, to discuss magic and investigate the trio of items, the scroll is a wall of force. Further discussion they talk regarding magic and the mastery/apprentice trait. Whilst discussion Boaz comes to them stating a dryght was in the building talking with people. The dryght begins interviews with the staff. After discussion the Dryght arrests Tyll, detcting him and Jada as Spellbound


Tyll wins the battle after surges, and the dryght turned into a weird creature. Tyll manages to get people away and lie to the follow up dryght regarding the incident.

The group agree to meet within Primula’s house, to discuss the issue within Trade Winds. Tina the baker, Owen the dockhand, Bruce the raintroll were the customers in questions at the shop.

Tyll and Primula speak further about magic and perform a ritual for mastery/apprentice.

Reinholdt and Jada tracked down some of the customers, before the dryght. Silencing them before the dryght manage to talk with them.

After transactions wih Ginny Silent Footsteps end up with 6,850 after selling the carriage, but keeping the warhorses.

Primula sells the coin and scroll via Lisette.

Reinholdt wishes to speak with Nentarsche, Primula and Tom regarding getting his staff back. He gets Sa’di to go to the MB, Ginny won’t put people to it but names a couple of Axemen associates who might be willing to help: Edward the Blade(docks) & Rochelle(foreign quarter). Meeting Edward mentioning the Axemen he agrees to help hit the tower. Meeting Rochelle she also agrees after a brief annoyance at having Edward there.

Tyll agrees to draw away Dryght from the tower and disappears, quoting dusk as go time.

The plan is made and at dusk Tyll kicks off the plan and the crew begin their attack on Dryght tower.

Tyll begins a chase with the Dryght, kingsmen and Wardens in the area. He manages to escape the area after killing two, taking badges in the process.

On the signal the group start the attack on dryght tower, managing to succeed in getting Reinholdt back alongside the staff of Bailey and Garett.



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