Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 17 Summary

The group meet up of an evening at Reinholdt’s farmhouse, discussing the future plans. Some of the other members of the farm wanted to move away from Akra.

Tyll and Sa’di check in on Agnes as Bruce doesn’t wish to head into the town itself. During the conversation Tyll is sent away after briefly slipping in to his hatred of the kingsmen. Sa’di convinces her to bring some of Bruce’s belongings and to come see him at the farm. Sa’di tells her that if she truly loved her son she was to leave Rithaign.

During this Primula discusses getting the workers of Bailey and Garett out of Akra and if they needed any further people taking or contacted.

Jada goes to see Tom for likely the final time, he was cleary relieved to see her but worries for her future.

At night Jac takes Tyll and Sa’di to a Cult of the King Below meeting. Before the meeting Sa’di discusses back-up with Fagin and Edward, setting them nearby in a bar in case it all goes wrong.

Tyll and Sa’di tail after the group of cultist when they leave the cult meeting house. The group are well armed and carrying armour. Roughly 30-40 people are gathering within the graveyard. The group head into a mausoleum within the center of the graveyard.

Sa’di and Tyll encounter a guard group but manage to sneak past into the catacombs, following the signs that the cult left behind. Finding a chamber after following the tunnels they find a group of about 60 people gathered around a large selection of sarcophagi. Farsees Rohn is making a speech, the place is the original catacombs but there is still work to be done.

The Cult are working on the main catacomb door whilst Sa’di and Tyll take down some of the previous baricades they had set up to keep some of the creatures out of the main area. A sound rigns through the main room and the sarcophogi open. The cult set up a perimeter whilst a bone creature forms within the room. The skeleton creatures are humanoid and roughly 50 ft high.

A voice booms out in a language that isn’t understood. A fight breaks out amongst the Cultist and the Giant. Tyll manages to absail down and nab Jac from the crowd and they tactically retreat. Sa’di reclears the path back out the catacombs.

Tyll Surges Again… People Die! (No one important seems too though)

Tyll and Sa’di go to leave with Jac in tow, they manage to get down the corridor getting back to the trapdoor at the entrance which is blocked by stone. Sa’di begins to set up an explosive device to get through whilst Tyll and Jac defend. The device is set and the zombie begin to swarm the group. The group managed to defeat the zombies just as the explosion rings through the area. Tyll, Sa’di and Jac run headed for the nearby pub to hide out.

Primula and her ‘Court Lads’ go looking into the Cult of the King Below armoury. Taking the Cults armour with them and their dog (Trevor).

The next day: Sa’di reluctantly shows up to Primula’s to attend court with her. At court nobody is noticably missing but some members are looking very injured.



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