Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 18 Summary

At court: After the Dryght check in on the spellbound, the court is left to its normal gossiping and Prim ended up talking with Celcilia Nostemark. After leaving the onversation she was seen talking with Treb Quinlan, Lady Blackwell, both Mother & Marius Nentarsce and Rivault.

Primula also meets up with Cecilia privately, also with them is Marius Nentarsce and Lady Blackwell. She is looking into a group of rogues who are within the city. The descriptions she gives are definitely related to the trio of Tyll, Sa’di and Reinholdt.

On leaving the court, Prim, Nentarsce and Sa’di discuss the situation, and during the journey a high spell goes off in the city. Sa’di makes headway to discuss with Tyll about it.

Tyll spent the day, trying to write an apology to Marie, Reinholdt spent his time working on his various projects, such as Tyll’s Kite and Sam’s arm.

Sa’di goes to see Tyll, discussing the issue with Cecilia and also the high spell that went off in the city. Whilst Primula heads to The Pig and Iron to talk with Reinholdt.

The group meet up at the Pig and Iron to discuss the situation. During the discussion, another high spell rings out and the group feel unnaturaly calm, and some lose heart.

Potential Suspects

  • Mother Nentarsce
  • Duke’s wife, Lady Cat
  • (-) Aldous Levitt
  • Some Dryght
  • Duke?
  • Marius Nentarsce
  • John Zinn (Ignatius Peeves’ Mate)
  • Artos and Farsees Rohns

Moving back to the plan regarding Cecilia, planning to trap her and her allies. Over a few days the group set differnt plans. Tyll starts setting up traps at a secondary location to lure Cecilia and her allies too, whilst also messing with the Artos Rohn.

Prim attends to household matters, checking on Drewitt and attending court. She also spends time getting the dog to like her.

Sa’di spends time speaking with many of her contacts, sending a letter to the Axemen, speaking with Axel. Edward and Rochelle both agreed to help. She also speaks breifly with both Agnes and Marie. Also during these days there is a meeting of the MB crew leaders Rajas Lachman is sending a representative over to discuss with the World Below.

The group set up the ambush and fightan happens…

After the fight the group retire to the bar, Rudello is brought to the bar by the group, and due to reasons Sa’di ends up keeping him as a hostage in the bar. Whilst waiting for the crew to find out if Cecilia is still alive.

Tyll also managed to send the letter to Marie who comes to see him, talking to him about his magic use and their feelings. Discussing their various back stories and how she is confused about it due to her time spent at the kings school.

Reinholdt returns to the farm where some bags have been packed. Agnes and Bruce are leaving Rithaign. Some goodbyes are said and teh two walk off into the afternoon. Sam looks sad but Reinholdt presents him Igancious Peeves Crossbow.



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