Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 20-something... (26 I think)

- Both Tyll & Sa’di wake up within pitch black cells. Both are manacled to walls and Tyll also has a mouth piece to stop him casting.

-Tyll is removed from his cell, and is confronted by Jess Lund. She talks at him for a while, before the torturers are brought in. Tyll is left scarred

-Sa’di is also removed from her cell and is left before Cecilia and a White Mask. A brief discussion happens where Sa’di confirms that the Rohn’s are dead but refuses to discuss Saltblood and his people. She is also left scarred as Cecelia takes personal fun in dealing her damage.

- Meanwhile Prim is unknowingly getting on with her life. On hearing the rumours of a capture she looks into the various Axemen (Rochelle & Edward) who are found at Edward’s shouting at each other. Rochelle is calling him a coward & Edward is telling her to fuck off in a variety of ways. Prim interrups their ‘fight’ in which both of them shoot the other before convincing them to help out in whatever the hell is going on.

- She then heads to The Swindler’s Haul finding Tara who fills her in on last sightings that Sa’di had called for backup to Winterhill and both Tyll and Fagin had gone to aid. She continues to look into their disappearance and finds the area of Winterhill where all the stuff happened.

New Char Intro – Khai
Khai has been working around Rithaign for the MB, smuggling various items into the city. His contacts reach out looking for a Battlecraft spell which he goes to find. He manages to attain and sells on.

- Primula reaches out to Ginny and sets up a meeting. Through various actions, Ginny and her crew, Marie, Xander & the cult, Prim and a few of hers, Edward & Rochelle and a couple of The Silent Footsteps gear up ready to storm the keep.

- Khai is informed that something is going on in the underworld and goes to look into what’s going on.

- Meanwhile in Jail…
Both Sa’di and Tyll are given food.

Whilst fed Sa’di drinks water which releases a spell allowing her to sculpt an object out of another. She sculpts a sword from her manacles. Meanwhile Tyll is allowed out of his mouth piece to eat, and begins casting… (Fightan)

- Sa’di manages to get out of her cell when it is opened to move her, moving straight to get Tyll out of his, they fought with guards when suddenly Treb Quinlan, Kreeg & The Beast enter the fray, attacking Sa’di. However shortly after the crew that had moved to save them, enter and get them out, both Sa’di and Tyll go down during the fight.

- After the fight the crew remove them from the area. Retiring to a stable in the coutryside.

- The Silent Footsteps make a move to regain Sa’di’s and Tyll’s items from the militia and return with everything aside from the Kingsman badge & Tyll’s bowl.



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