Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 28

Quote of the week: ‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself…’

Party pt 2:

  • Scene opens after the shot rings out through the cave, Rodello stumbles back into the water. Scowler approaches Sa’di asking if she’s alright and inviting her out of the cave to fish. Sa’di goes along to take a few moments out.
  • At the party Tyll does the rounds, getting the party back into swing of things, the Cult are enjoying themselves and the mood is infectious.
  • He then speaks with Khai & Primula regarding an attack on the parade and to get rumours circulating.
  • Prim has a minor religious crisis due to the presense of The Siren for the cult in comparisson to her lack of seeing her own low-god.
  • Once Sa’di retun to the party Tyll puts on a magic story-telling of a Marnish King and his magic cat. The story is so spectacular, that the crowd cheer and briefly the crowd part and the Siren is seen clapping upon the shore.
  • Khai and Prim discuss low gods.

Scene 9 – Tyll & Sa’di

  • As the party winds down Sa’di finally speaks with Tyll, Sa’di storms from the Cave and Tyll follows, refusing to leave her alone. Much bitching happens and Sa’di eventually promises to look for something good in the world.

Scene 10 – Prim & Nentarsche

  • Nentarsche visits Prim delivering a letter from their ‘friends up north’ and then discuss where Nentarsche had been, he had been held because his champion had been seen with Saltblood.

Scene 11 – Prim & Khai

  • Prim discusses the races with Khai.

Scene 12 – Prim & Sa’di

  • Prim delivers the letter from the Axemen which sends the group a letter of 2000 gold credit and a brief update on the Axemen activities in the North.

Scene 13 – Prim and The Thief-taker

  • Peeves shows up at Prim’s house, wishing to discuss the ‘attempted’ assassin at court and wishing to speak with Alya. Prim gives vague responses as to her whereabouts

Organisational Actions
Silent Footsteps

  • Find Cecelia – Out of town
  • Recruitment – Recruiting people to increase scope
  • Raid Winterhill during Parade

Eastern Dawn

  • Trading Missions


  • Maintain suppression of the Royal Culture Line
  • Rumours about the atack on the parade
  • Spell to ‘promote’ freedom of movement during parade

Prim’s House

  • War on Rohn’s House

Scene 14 – Dryght Tower
Seen over the city a Zeppelin comes in bringing a big group of the Dryght.

Scene 15 – Parade

  • Nobels – Palace/Church/Party
  • Commoners – Stand around being spare parts/Church/Party
  • Announcement made about House Rohn’s succession which has fallen to Carlos Tollin. Prim uses this time to speak with him. Meanwhile Sa’di (as Alya) spends her time avoiding Peeves.
  • Meanwhile in Winterhill The Silent Footsteps, Tyll & Khai go on a thieving spree.



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