Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 27 Summary

Scene Order to skip time…

Scene 1 – Prim & Sa’di go to breakfast with Lord Jacinto. Much small talk is made and Jacinto plays a small piano piece at ‘Lady Alya’s’ request. Prim discusses seeing the ‘lower’ nobles succeed in their plans. Prim makes her excuses and leaves the two ‘lower’ Noble to talk. A date is agreed between Alya & Jacinto at the festivities planned for the further week.

Scene 2 – Clearing out Reinholdt’s stuff – Tyll and Sa’di spend some time clearing out Reinholdt’s stuff, giving his unfinished projects to Sam, berating the nobility of Rithaign for his death and drinking to their lost friend.

Scene 3 – Khai looks into the goings on in Rithaign, hearing of various bits, Saltblood & The Axemen, hearing of the Zeppelin incident and the burning of houses in the Noble district.

Scene 4 – Prim at court…

Scene 5 – Sa’di & Marie: Sa’di has a conversation to investigate Marie’s inspirations, Love of Tyll & Love of Freedom confirmed (Tarie FTW!).

Scene 6 – Khai & Tyll training montage & Siren chatter. Siren told him that he needed to show people ‘true freedom’. Khai and Tyll discussed magic.

Scene 7 – Sa’di and the Church: Sa’di visits Father Oswald, talking about the reason for Reinholdt’s death. They talk of life and ’god’s plan’ and Sa’di declares things will only get worse and to get himself and Adam out of the city.

Scene 8 – PARTY: Everyone is invited to a party in the Siren’s cavern shrine. (This includes Marie, Edward, Rochelle, Silent Footsteps, Sam & Rodello).
- Main event: Social attacks between Rodello & Sa’di which ended in Rodello announcing the death of Reinholdt, which Sa’di then kicked off shooting him in the face, after which he fell into the water and disappeared.

Quotes of the party:
‘Do away with the Dryght…’ – Prim
‘Performance issues…’ – Sa’di

Possible Scenes for Saturday

  • Drink with Rodello
  • Noble’s parade


  • Party
  • Marie/Siren
  • Tournament


  • Liason with Axemen



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