Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 30 - Tournament & The Second Chosen

Written after game, so minor details missing but the gist is here XD)

The tournament of Rithaign, planned entry: Sa’di (‘Lady Alya’) to the footrace & Parkour, Sa’di and Khai into Archery & Khai into the horse race.

  • Sa’di dominated the footrace, defeating all opponents by a very wide margin.
  • Sa’di also wins the Parkour, a closer margin between herself and another entrant, however he misses the ‘leap of faith’ after attempting to throw a rock to cause Sa’di to mess up and tumbles to his death.
  • Khai wins the Archery, managing to just pip Lord Blackfriar in the final round

Much betting was done on all areas of the tournament, Sa’di making several bets on herself as Lady Alya. Also during all of the areas of the tournament Prim socialised with other nobles.

During the 1 vs. 1 duels and also the group tourney an unknown ‘knight’ shone through the competition. Losing to The Beast in single combat but winning the all vs all group fight. During the evening entertainment she is swarmed by nobles with varying job offers including by Prim. In this conversation Prim and via Keen Eye Sa’di discover her to be a chosen one, and quickly bring her away from the party.

Once away from the party Sa’di drops the Lady Alya persona and disusses quite openly that the girl could have gotten herself killed as if her chosen status were discovered she was a threat to the King himself. Through a team sell with Khai (where he did most of the work) she was convinced to go to Sa’di Thieve’s Guantlet to train without use of her magical armour, so she could learn to defend herself as neccesary.



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