Alcides Helmeister

Trader for the Orchids of Hessek and unrelenting asshole


Alcides Helmeister is a minor noble from Hessek and an executive member of the Orchids of Hessek trading company. In a lot of ways, the Orchids are Kingsmen by another name and Helmeister certainly seems to spend a lot of his time doing his fair share of oppression. He is at the forefront of the Orchids’ less than savoury business practices: extortion, sabotage, hostile takeovers, blackmail, theft and outright highway robbery. Whether it’s the paycheck or simple sadism, Helmeister takes a vicious glee in counting the coins he takes off other people.

Sarcastic, short-tempered, easily offended and incredibly wealthy, Helmeister is the kind of person that makes most traders wish the High God would actively answer their prayers. He would have been struck by thunderbolts long ago if that were the case, alas.

Alcides Helmeister

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