Aldous Leavitt

Head of the Rithaign Dryght


The one word that people use to describe Aldous Leavitt is efficient. He lacks the sadistic delight that Isabella Raixe, the head of his order, has for her work and he also lacks the self-righteousness and pomposity that a lot of his underlings have. He is a coldly calculating investigator who hunts spellbound and insurrectionists with robotic precision and dilligence, while openly displaying very little passion for the job. Just because he does not cackle while it happens does not mean that an awful lot of people are not tortured and killed at his command, however. His dispassion makes him exceptionally unforgiving and the Rithaign Dryght very rarely let somebody go in one piece once accused.

He has a particularly ill reputation amongst the nobility: he offers them no special protection and treats them the same way he treats everybody else – as a potential traitor. If a nobleman turns out to be disloyal they are hunted down just like any commoner. While the Dryght and the nobility butting heads is nothing new, the nobles seem to have taken particular offense at how Leavitt scrutinises them without any passion. Most Dryght at least have the common courtesy to look pleased when they bring down a nobleman.

Regardless of whether he enjoys it or not, Aldous Leavitt is most definitely very good at his job. Those who underestimate him rarely live to enjoy their mistake.

Aldous Leavitt

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