Artos Rohn (Deceased)


Baron, Noble 9

Strength 4
Quickness 6
Reason 6
Charisma 10
Magic 7
Heart 6


Love of Cecilia Nostemark 3
Fear of failing my father 2
Ambition to see the Cult of the Long Death take over the world 1


A noble’s education in Rithaign – d12
Popular courtier in Rithaign – d12
Heir to House Rohn’s fortunes – d12
Secret high priest in the Cult of the Long Death – d12
Hid my relationship with Cecilia from the world – d6


Court Sword – master
Hearts – apprentice
Death Lore – apprentice


Moved by propinquity – minor
Parry – minor
Master and apprentice – minor


Eldest son of Farsees Rohn and the current heir to House Rohn’s fortunes. Artos is the most outgoing of the Rohn family, a regular at court and to social occasions, and is significantly more approachable than his father. Artos plays the role of diplomat and emissary for the House, and keeps on friendly terms with the other members of Rithaign’s court. Unusually, he has never taken a wife and deftly avoids getting romantically (or otherwise) entangled with noblewomen at court. Most chalk this up to the death of his mother and roll their eyes at emotion ruining House Rohn’s chance at a perfectly good marital alliance.

Like his father, Artos can be a very private person and disappears for days at a time on House business. While his explanation is generally that he needs to travel in order to keep the House’s business interests afloat, the rumour mill has it that his father is training him in sorcery, that he is actually a trained assassin, that he has a secret love affair and all manner of far-fetched things.

Recently he has been seen in the company of Cecilia Nöstemark, from the Duchy of Broadmarch. This is generally seen to be a sign that House Rohn is attempting to expand its influence to the north and cement ties with the merchant houses of Broadmarch, but Artos and Cecilia have never presented themselves as a couple to the court.

Artos Rohn (Deceased)

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