Barry the TRAITOR

Fence for the Merchants Below


Owner of a run-down cobbler’s shop in Oparth’s End, Barry is a mid-level fence affiliated with the Merchants Below. He buys and sells stolen goods for the street-level members of the guild, and for anyone a guild member is willing to vouch for. For many in Oparth’s End, Barry is the primary source for any illicit contraband or simply for any item that the buyer does not wish to pay tax on. Barry doesn’t handle extremely hot goods, like spellbound items or property formerly belonging to a pissed-off nobleborn, but has contacts higher up in the guild and can usually arrange to have such items vanish.

In contrast to the cautious and reserved Cornfed, Barry is fairly open in his guild allegiance. He lets Merchant crews use his back room for planning and is happy to arrange meetings on neutral ground, or pass messages up the chain to the guild bosses. Barry’s shop is occasionally used as a meeting point for official guild meetings – usually when something has gone wrong and the bosses need it sorted out.

Barry the TRAITOR

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