Strange foreign barbarian who fights for the Axemen


A giant savage who doesn’t seem to speak a word of any language apart from some strange tongue that nobody has ever heard before. He fights with the Axemen loyally – how he has come to the conclusion that they are his allies when presumably nobody has even been able to communicate their cause to him is a mystery, but he has been gifted with an honour axe at some point so apparently he fights hard enough to matter. He does not seem to mind that nobody understands him and happily babbles away in his native language, ever at ease in foreign climes. He seems good-humoured and easygoing when not in a fight, and has a natural talent for following what is going on despite not understanding the words – or at least, he never seems to be working at cross-purposes to whatever plan is being executed at the time.

He certainly does not seem stupid but either has no head for languages or is stubbornly refusing to learn any languages from the Claw – he has been here long enough, after all.

His teammates seem to have given up and accepted the enigma that is Bear. He is their friend and fights alongside them. Who he is, what he is doing here and his reasons for doing anything he does are for him and God to know.


Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms) Doodmons