Fixer, healer and alchemist for hire in Rithaign


Speaking with a strong Dunlorean accent, Boris is a foreigner to Rithaign and has established his shop in the Low Market, right next to the Foreign Quarter. He is an Fixer, an alchemist and a passably competent healer. Most of his day-to-day trade comes from the citizenry of Rithaign, who need the occasional stitch or bone setting, or ointments and tinctures for illnesses. However, most people in the World Below know that Boris is more than a common sawbones – he sells all manner of alchemical admixtures below the counter to those who know to ask for them. Poisons, drugs, acid and other alchemical marvels are all stock in trade for Boris.

While he has his shop in the Low Market and therefore pays protection to the Cutters Guild, Boris is a neutral bystander who sells to anyone he considers trustworthy – Cutter, Merchant, independent and even (rumour has it) the occasional nobleborn who needs some poison on the down-low. Rumours that Boris is affiliated with the infamous Fraternity have kept the criminals of Rithaign from taking offense to his mercenary ways.


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