Carlos Tolin (Rohn)

The new head of House Rohn


The former Baronet of Odlinshire in the duchy of Vertrock in southeastern Akra. After the deaths of the entire Rohn family, a lineage search performed by House Tumenant placed Tolin as the next heir in the Rohn line. This lowly Baronet of a quiet, unassuming village in Vertrock has been thrust into the centre of Rithaign politics.

He is an almost complete unknown quantity – what little information the court currently know about him place him as a clever, cautious man. His small holdings in Vertrock have been quietly prospering under his rule and nobody has heard of any scandal he has been involved in or any real enemies his house have made. In person he is quiet, polite, soft-spoken and – when nobody is looking – worryingly intense.

The Rithaign court are currently trying to decide if he is a pushover or not, and opinions are divided. Precious few people are wondering whether House Tumenant have an ulterior motive for suggesting Baronet Tolin as heir to the Rohns’ fortunes.

Carlos Tolin (Rohn)

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