Cutter lieutenant and fighting pit owner


Conway is a rain troll who runs a fighting pit in an abandoned fish gutting warehouse in Rithaign’s Northside and is a lieutenant in the Cutters Guild. Fairly cerebral as far as Cutters Guild members go, Conway is a shrewd businessman who prefers large profits to street cred. He openly owns a string of storefronts, workshops, warehouses and stalls in the Low Market, Northside and the Docks and while it is difficult to pin on him, he probably runs many of the Cutters’ illegal brothels and gambling dens.

Conway himself is not an excessively violent person – not that it stops him using his underlings to protect his business interests – and often acts as the public face of the guild to the lower classes and the Merchants. Rumours put him as a favourite of Treb Quinlan, who likes having a relatively legitimate face to put on his guild.


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