Duke Nikul Tumenant

Duke of East Fire, Marshal of Akran 2nd Army, badass


Duke Nikul Tumenant is the Duke of East Fire by conquest and the Marshal of the Akran 2nd Royal Army. He leaves the running of his duchy to others and has the title mostly by default, as his true calling is as a military leader. It was evident from a young age that Nikul was not destined to administrate, and rulership of House Tumenant’s duchy eventually passed to his younger brother Raoul, but Nikul famously grew up dreaming of being a soldier. He ran wargames with the other children and duelled with palace guards in the courtyards, training practically since birth for the task now entrusted to him – crush the enemies of King Lucius beneath Akra’s war machine.

While not notably charismatic or intelligent, Duke Nikul makes up for it with experience, training and raw tenacity. He leads from the front, a terror on the battlefield, and – despite being one of the Claw’s best duellists – eschews Court Sword for styles of fighting more suited to killing men by the dozen.

He was gifted one of the six suits of Wyrm Plate in existence by the King as a reward for claiming East Fire, and wields a King’s Avenger. If Duke Nikul is famous for one thing it is this: he is not to be trifled with.

Duke Nikul Tumenant

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