Edward the Blade

Akran Pirate extraordinaire, freedom fighter and mad as a sack of hammers


Edward the Blade is a freebooter operating out of Rithaign, speaking with a foreign accent and living in a rundown tenemant in the docks. He has the manner of a longtime sailor, but seems shorebound at the moment. Outspoken, drunk and living in poverty, Edward clearly has a storied history. He is apparently on first name terms with Ginny Siddal, the head of the Merchants Below, and has some history with the Axemen. He leaped at the first opportunity to join the Axemen – a choice that would seem suicidal to an ordinary person.

Edward evidentally has a strong rebellious streak and very little regard for personal safety – what other kind of person would help a stranger conduct a raid on the Dryght the very same day they met them? Either that or he has a death wish, or a serious unresolved grudge.

He has history with Rochelle la Roche – they know each other well and apparently have a vendetta or rivalry of some sort. They have agreed to work together but obviously do not get on.

Edward the Blade

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