Erik Hofstadter

Founder of the Rithaign Mining Company


“Uncle” Erik Hoftstadter is the founder and chief executive of the Rithaign Mining Company and is a well known and well liked pillar of the local community. Everyone seems to know Uncle Erik – some might say that there’s something suspicious about that but Uncle Erik has a solid reputation for trustworthiness and honour.

A shrewd businessman, Uncle Eric has shepherded RMC from a single underperforming coal mine to a thriving international business. He and his nephew Karl take an active hand in the running of the business and constantly reinvest to expand their reach.

To those in the know, Uncle Erik rides a dangerous line in Akra. As a commoner, his success is a thorn in the side of the aristocracy and he has to tread very carefully to avoid attracting undue attention from the Kingsmen and the Dryght – but equally, as every trader knows, to survive one must grow.

Erik Hofstadter

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