Fagin (Deceased)

Thug working for the Merchants Below

Body 5 Mood 6 Wealth ?
Race ? Gender Male Class (Level) Warrior (?)
Charisma 4 Magic 7 (d8 def)
Heart 6 Reason 8
Quickness 6 Strength 10
Combat Styles
Savage (M)
Wanting to prove himself to the Merchant’s Below 1
Inspired by his friends (he loves that support network) 1
Being a thug 6

Fagin is a street thug affiliated with the Merchants Below and leader of a small crew of legbreakers and ruffians. A native to Rithaign, Fagin was too shady to join the Watch and too violent to get a legitimate job so ended up as a thief. In Rithaign, unaffiliated thieves have to get up very early in the morning to avoid being made an example of by one of the thieves’ guilds so Fagin joined up with the Merchants, who run his neighbourhood of Oparth’s End.

Fagin is good in a rumble, but largely too stupid to have advanced very far in the guild. He and his crew have a reputation as reliable and dangerous thugs, but can’t be trusted to handle any kind of delicate work.

Recently, Sa’di recruited Fagin and his crew and they have now been rebranded as The Silent Footsteps, an up-and-coming Merchant’s Below Crew

Fagin (Deceased)

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