Godfrey Blackfriar

Archery lover. Has bow, will travel


2nd place runner-up in the Rithaign Tournament archery competition, behind Khai Nahari. A master archer from a noble family in Boggen Weald, Blackfriar is a regular in archery competitions all around the Old Claw. Not a military man, he is a professional archer for sporting, hunting, performance and recreational reasons. He is widely knowledgeable about the practice, history and esoterics of Arrowheart and all the forms of archery practised in the Old Claw but has not had a chance to travel beyond that and has an insatiable lust for knowledge about foreign archery from far-flung corners of the Claw. Blackfriar has spent a lot of time teaching archery at academies and tutoring nobles’ children and has an easy, patient demeanour when showing somebody the ropes.

He has nothing but disdain for musketry or crossbows, and does not trust spellbound or their magics. Otherwise, if one has any interest in archery whatsoever, Blackfriar is an easy person to get on with.

He is staying on in Rithaign after the tournament. The Duke has put him on retainer to train the Militia in archery.

Godfrey Blackfriar

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