Harlan Domenicus

Royal Spymaster


Harlan Domenicus is King Lucius’ Royal Spymaster and the closest thing Akra’s Kingsmen have to a grand leader. He is a Wight of House Anfield who is nearly a century old, and served as Seneschal to the House before Lucius gave him his current position. Rarely seen in the public eye, Harlan prefers, like his men, to operate from the shadows. The rare times he makes public appearances are usually to inform the local nobility that they have displeased the King.

He heads up the White Masks – House Anfield’s elite covert operatives who, with Domenicus’ promotion, have been given a royal warrant and now serve as the King’s most expertly trained spies and assassins. While they operate all across the country and indeed the rest of the Claw, Harlan always keeps a contingent with him and uses them to deal with his problems as he travels the country.

Rumour has it that the King plays Domenicus and Isabella Raixe off each other to prevent either from getting too powerful – certainly the Dryght and the White Masks are rarely, if ever, seen to cooperate.

Harlan Domenicus

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