Iris of East Fire

Handmaiden and political advisor of House Brimstone


Iris is a rain troll from East Fire – or at least, that’s what she claims and she has the accent to match. Truthfully, nobody can prove where she’s from. She arrived in the court of House Brimstone a number of years ago out of the blue and ingratiated herself with Baron Yurd, rising to become one of his closest advisors through a mixture of charisma and a dangerously sharp mind. As a courtier, her lack of real political connections is made up for by a reputation for being a very capable factor and mediator, and her wide-reaching and in-depth understanding of Akran court politics.

Iris has a taste for the finer things in life, and the old Baron humoured her up to a point. She always makes the effort to dress to the nines in the highest fashions she can afford, and avoids physical activity as much as possible.

She stayed on after the Baron’s death, claiming that she had done too much work to secure House Brimstone’s position to throw it all away by switching sides. She clearly likes Primula, but certainly pays her significantly less respect than she did to Baron Yurd. While she is careful not to overstep the boundary, she clearly struggles thinking of the Seradynn as her noble superior.

Iris of East Fire

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