Karl Hofstadter

Uncle Erik's nephew and deputy head of the Rithaign Mining Company


Karl Hofstadter is a young, exceedingly placid trader and deputy head of the Rithaign Mining Company. He is polite, educated and intelligent and relies more on a reputation for honesty and efficiency than large amounts of charisma when dealing with others. He frequently travels the Claw with his uncle’s caravans and accordingly has good geographic knowledge and speaks a few languages.

Karl seems happy to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and doesn’t outwardly show much in the way of ambition or excessive motivation – his lack of strong emotion certainly keeps him out of the way of the Dryght. He has no significant others, good friends or family to speak of other than Erik.

The party recently found out that Karl is a Prince of Wolves – Erik having taken him in and educated him due to a dying wish from Karl’s mother. They keep this fact secret from everyone – not only because Princes of Wolves are highly illegal, but also because it betrays Karl and Erik’s depth of feeling towards one another.

Karl Hofstadter

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