King Lucius I

High King of Akra, 1500 year old lich


King Lucius I is the first and only king of Akra and has ruled since the kingdom was founded at the end of the Age of Cartonnage. For the past 500 years, he has been trapped in an elaborately decorated magical box in the throne room of his palace of Hessek and speaks through a gilded grating. Previous to this, he was a powerfully built man, a mighty warrior and a powerful sorcerer.

King Lucius is ruthless, paranoid and evil and rules Akra with an iron fist. He constantly pits the nobility against each other and against the kingsmen to keep them from getting too powerful. He crushes the commoners under his heel and burns all the love, passion and inspiration out of them. His kingsmen and Dryght hunt and kill spellbound, poet and dissident alike.

Likes: Order, Security, His Continuing Rule
Dislikes: The Axemen, Anyone Who Opposes Him, Other Kings

King Lucius I

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