Violent and cruel Cutter lieutenant


WL 2 Veteran from the Islands

  • Love
  • Hatred

Unlike almost every other lieutenant in the Cutters Guild, Kreeg is not a native of Rithaign and was born and raised in the Dragon Islands. That he has gained and maintained his position in an organisation as notoriously xenophobic and insular as a thieves’ guild is a testament to how effective Kreeg is. While nobody knows for sure what kind of island he came from – and he certainly isn’t saying – the effect that the islands had on Kreeg is clear to see. He survived, however, and made it to Rithaign. His rise through the ranks of the Cutters has been unmatched both in its speed and its brutality.

Kreeg runs a crew of the Cutters’ most violent and merciless killers. Quinlan has taken them off the streets for everybody’s sake and uses them as enforcers, assassins and muscle wherever the fighting in the World Below is the thickest. Merchants Below scuttlebutt has it that Kreeg’s crew regularly make the trip over to East Fire as part of some prolonged shadow war between the Cutters and Rajas Lachman, the King Below of East Fire. This might also be to keep them away from the heat, because the main rumour that absolutely everyone has heard is that Kreeg murdered some Kingsmen.

Kreeg himself is a dyed-in-the-wool psychopath. A childhood and young adulthood spent in one of the most desperate and dangerous places in the world, a flight for his life across the Claw and leadership of a gang of killers in Rithaign have left Kreeg as a broken shell of man filled with nothing but cruelty and brutality. He is short-tempered, unstable, sadistic and profoundly dangerous.


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