Rochelle la Roche

Avedinian gun-for-hire, freedom fighter


Rochelle la Roche is an unaffiliated gun-for-hire who works in Rithaign. She speaks with the barest trace of an Avedinian accent and lives in the foreign quarter but otherwise seems right at home in Akra. She has a courteous and professional demeanour that evidently conceals a serious wild side – she agreed to help some strangers and somebody she apparently hates conduct a raid on a Dryght stronghold, after all. As a mercenary in Rithaign, she has a solid but unremarkable reputation. Someone of her skill who still works solo has presumably rejected offers from both the Cutters and the Merchants Below – her solitary habits have left her on the outside of underworld politics, most unsure whether she is a Kingsman or lying low for nefarious reasons. Those who keep tabs on this kind of thing know she regularly takes jobs for merchant companies or minor noble houses as a guard or enforcer.

Her nickname, “Bullet-dodger” comes from when she defended an inn in Northside from a gang armed with a bunch of stolen matchlocks. Six people walked into that gunfight and only one walked out – the owners were prying lead shot out of their walls for days.

She obviously has some history with Edward the Blade – the two have a mutual dislike of one another that probably goes back a long time, but have clearly worked together before. They have agreed to put their differences aside and work together for now. Rochelle, like Edward, jumped at the chance to join the Axemen – her reasons are currently unclear.

Rochelle la Roche

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