Rodello di Vitrio

Avedinian assassin



Love of the Finer Things
Other love
Internalised focus


Rodello di Vitrio is an assassin who has been contracted by the Rohn family to assassinate Sa’di, Jada and Reinholdt. He speaks with a strong Avedinian accent, although is fluent in Akran and seems familiar with foreign customs. He dresses finely, wears expensive perfume and seems a little more like a foppish dandy than a hardened killer, but the silkmetal under his velvet coat and the engraved rapier at his belt hint at the kind of steel the man hides under his jovial exterior.

He seems to have a certain peculiar sense of honour – enough to agree to buy an antidote out of his own pocket to avoid killing the wrong people, but not enough to avoid using poison to murder people in the first place.

Rodello di Vitrio

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