Fighter for the Axemen


A gruff and quiet fighter for the Axemen who works with Regis. He is slow to trust, cautious and permanently grumpy. Svarog doesn’t talk much and seems to be happy to go along with Regis’s leadership but is quick to raise his voice in anger if anyone besmirches the good name of the Axemen or speaks ill of the just cause of their war. His grizzled appearance and patient demeanour indicate that he has military experience but he speaks with the quiet, precise accent of someone who spends their time indoors instead of on the battlefield – a merchant, tradesman or servant perhaps.

Svarog does not seem to want to get especially close to other people. He responds to Regis and Echo’s flamboyance with sullen stares and sighing, and seems more at ease sitting in silence with Veles or Bear. Even in a fight, he acts with quiet determination and rarely speaks except to shout warnings and instructions. When confronted with the enemy, however, his silence takes on a cast of quiet rage rather than indifference. It is difficult to mistake the cold fury with which Svarog dispatches kingsmen for anything but an absolute hatred of the monarchy and those who serve them.


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