The Beast

Fyrajji savage bodyguard to Treb Quinlan

  • Known Histories

- Trained in the Sage’s Gauntlet


An enigmatic Fyrajji savage who showed up in Rithaign a few months ago and ended up as bodyguard to Cutter boss Treb Quinlan for reasons that nobody knows for certain – but everyone has a theory on. She has never told anyone her name and Quinlan shrugs whenever anyone asks if he knows what it is, but her background and ferocious fighting style have given her the nickname ‘Beast’ and it seems to have stuck.

The Beast rarely speaks, but seems to be able to understand Akran. She shows little emotion, apart from in combat, and moves quietly. When she isn’t guarding Quinlan, she fights in Rithaign’s many fighting pits – always to the death, which has given her a fierce reputation in her short time in the city. In defiance of all logic, she prefers to fight with a form of Orynjan martial arts, which she appears to have mastered. This showy, athletic form of fighting is completely at odds with her savage demeanour and background and is a big part of her popularity in the pits.

The Beast is not popular amongst the Cutters, who dislike her rapid ascension in the guild, the fact that she is a filthy foreign savage and the way in which she mercilessly hands out bone-breaking beatings to those who displease the boss.

The Beast

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