"The Forgotten Mother"

Low God of Unseen Influence


Worshipped by only two people (Countess Primula Brimstone and her subordinate Felicity né Lutea) the Forgotten Mother is very much an unseen force. Her realms of power are to do with Love and Acceptance; as much as bringing it back to the Claw and the rest of the known world.

Her origins are uncertain, but the ethos teaches that she was the wife of the High God, cast down for unknown reasons. Practitioners believe that the practice of withholding passions and love are detrimental to the universe, and instead love and these things must be bloom with such unfettered strength so that the High God may once again feel affection and then, like the first rain after a long drought, will the world grow anew.

It is also believed she created the Seradynn as a tool with which to encourage the spread of affection through beings made of magic and passion.


"The Forgotten Mother"

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