"The Siren"

A Low God of questionable past and powers


The Siren has a name but it is yet to be revealed since she understands both the allure of mystery and the drama of a fabulous unveiling.

The Siren is a low goddess of the Sea, Freedom and things that are lost. Her church is called the Court of the Siren. Tyll has begun to tell some stories of how the Siren came to be when the Old King of the Sea took her prisoner and cut out her heart. Eventually she escaped and began to plan her revenge.

She originally communicated with Tyll a few times through rites that he has performed. As his destiny became stronger and the cult more powerful she manifested more often. She appears in a strange solid water form.

Other notes that Tyll has learned:

  • She despises the Cult of the King Below, most likely because it is a cult of Death and Oppression.
  • Domains of Freedom, The Sea and Finding lost Things

"The Siren"

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