Tom Pollus

Wool merchant, adoptive uncle of Jada


Tom Pollus is a successful commonborn wool merchant from Rithaign who was a close friend of Jada’s adoptive father and has become something of an uncle to her. He quietly runs his business out of a shop in the Merchants’ Quarter and generally tries to avoid trouble and keep turning a profit. A mild and unassuming person, he has a quiet charisma and a good eye for a deal.

He apparently did his fair share of smuggling in his youth alongside Jada’s father but has long since gone legitimate and tries to avoid criminal activities, wanting to keep his head down and keep himself, his business and his family safe. He is not overly ambitious, competitive or mercenary, preferring to develop a solid base of repeat customers and work on a reputation for reliability.

Tom, in private, is a man who struggles with kindness and love. A law-abiding man who does not want to get on the wrong side of the King or the Dryght, he has warmth and love in him that he tries to avoid expressing. Those to whom kindness comes naturally are always first against the wall when the Dryght come.

Tom Pollus

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