Treb Quinlan

Assassin and Boss of the Cutters Guild


A WL 10, Rithaign born Assassin

Desire (to be a noble)


  • 3K for general + extra for special targets
  • 1K for restrained targets

Treb Quinlan is the current Boss of the Cutters Guild in Rithaign and a professional Assassin with a capital A. He is rumoured to be the one who killed Jason of Thyre, inadvertently starting the Axemen Uprising. The Axemen occasionally make attempts on his life, but so far have been unsuccessful. His career has been apparently very well compensated, as evidenced by his ownership of Grey Manor, a chateau in the prestigious Winter Hill neighbourhood in Rithaign. Unlike your average thieves guild boss, Quinlan has ambitions beyond his station. He leverages his money, connections and friends amongst the nobility to move in the same circles as they do – he attends balls, galas and so on as often as he can. Rumour has it that he is trying to accrue enough influence to receive a title and become one of the nobility officially – although how successful he will be in this endeavour is unclear. His enemies scoff at the idea of the nobility accepting a hired killer as one of their own, no matter how many of their enemies he eliminates for them.

Despite his unusual ambition to become a nobleman, Treb Quinlan is exactly as dangerous as one might expect a career assassin-turned-crimelord would be. He is experienced, violent, cunning and utterly without mercy.

Treb Quinlan

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