Tyll "Saltblood"

Chosen of the Siren

Character Information
Class: Chosen One (17) Race: Male Nineblood
Body: 2/5 Mood: 0/12 Wealth 2
Strength: 5 (6) Quickness: 6 Reason: 6
Magic: 10 Heart: 8 (9) Charisma: 4
Love of Marie the Grown Up Street Orphan: 4
Love of the Siren: 2
Desire for Freedom: 2
Desire to Oppose Fear: 1
Histories and Skills
Language (Akran): 2
Language (Myrish): 2
Language (Marnish): 3
I sailed the Seas in My Father’s Fishing Boat: 13
I am the Chosen Prophet of the Siren: 20
I am an active Insurgent for Freedom: 20
I am a Notable Flute Player and Story Teller: 12
I am a Skilled Roof Top Runner and Flier in the Nights of Rithaign: 16
Positive Reputations
Defeated the Beast in Single Combat: 3 (4)
Bringer of Hope to the Poor: 9 (10)
Comes and Goes Like Mist: 8 (9)
Saltblood the Chosen One: 17 (18)
Slew Alnuac the Liche King 1 (2)
Negative Reputations
Saltblood Terrorist and Rogue Spellbound: 20
Other Abilities
Type: Name Description
Racial: Nineblood Intensity +1 Heart, 1 Extra Use of an Inspiration per Scene
Magic Style Elemental Maelstrom (Master) Lightning Bolt
Battlecraft (Apprentice) Stone shaping and controlling the battle
Combat Style Long Arm (Mastery) Spear Fighting
Chosen One Destiny History Gain a (6) History in the Siren that does not count towards maximum Histories
Chosen One: Destiny Inspiration Gain an Additional Inspiration that does not count against your normal Maximum
Chosen One: Zealots A Group of Zealots Follow and Fight for Tyll
Magic: Shadow Caster (Grand) Every time I cast I can disguise it – gain magic levels as a dice bonus to this
Social: Moved by Propinquity (Marie) (Grand) 1 Additional Use of Love of Marie Inspiration
Magic: Rush (Major) Regain 1 Mood Twice Per Scene when my Magic Roll Exceeds the Doom
Item: Quality Notes
Sea Weed Cloak 17 Counts as Armour
Collapsible Kite 6 Collapsible Kite for flying
Spear 3 -
Good Travellers Clothes 3 -
Flute 2 -
Tatoo (Siren: Left Shoulder) 2 -
Dagger 1
Rope 1
Tatoo (Intertwining Patterns: Lowers Left Arm) 1 -
Drop Cord 3
Grappling Hook 0 / 3

Organisation: The Court of the Siren


“For in humble surroundings is a Chosen one often first found. The boy who would become Saltblood lived a simple life sowing nets, gutting fish and attending the King’s School. In this fugue of drudgery and impotence he labored.” – Song of the Surf I by Elijah the Scholar

“And in that drowning his blood became saltwater, his heart’s beating the rolling of breakers and his breath the whirls of zephyrs” – Song of the Surf III by Elijah the Scholar

" So now the companions landed in Akra, those mezzanines of debauchery and flagrant frivolity. Here we see the nascent trembles of a new force first in salt crusted seaside shanties but inexorably rising like the tide " Song of the Surf VII by Elijah the Scholar

“The Companions achieved many notable and glorious deeds of which popular legends tell of. The Destruction of the Dryght Tower of Rithaign, the march to the Doomhold’s, carriage top duels with renowned Jess Lund. Success and defeat were their’s in equal measure.” Song of the Surf VII by Elijah the Scholar

“With the dead rising many notable individuals ventured into the catacomsb for a third time. Here they slew the King Below who dwelled in the dark of the catacomb and freed Lord Archer from his bindings to the King Below”
Tyll started life in the small Marnhish village of Broad Pier, a fishing village on the coast.


Tyll "Saltblood"

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