Victor Greenwood

Noble layabout and rogue extraordinaire


Joint second in the Rithaign Tournament parkour competition. A gentleman of leisure from a noble family in Woodlyn, which is a polite way of saying ‘good-for-nothing-layabout’. Enjoys trying to live up to the reputation of being the rogueiest rogue who was ever born noble. Victor lies, steals, breaks into places, runs along rooftops, associates with lowlives and has poorly thought out trysts which inevitably end up with him jumping out of a bedchamber window mainly for the thrill of it but also because he enjoys the life that those things lead to.

Greenwood is a self-taught free runner, and a reasonably accomplished one at that. While he likes to pretend to be a lowlife, he really doesn’t fit in with real criminals any more than he fits in with perfumed courtiers. Fortunately for him, he seems quite happy to run across rooftops by himself.

Greenwood is staying in Rithaign after the tournament. He is a semi-frequent visitor to the city anyway, and enjoys the “nightlife.”

Victor Greenwood

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