Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 2 Summary

Rithaign – Early Springtime

  • Tyll woke up to a stranger sat nearby his house by the water, the man with almost no appendages (name undiscovered), they spoke regarding the man’s time at sea and his longing to return, Tyll spoke of the Siren and a meeting of those who follow her
  • Jada began another day with a visit from Tom, asking her to assist with a matter down at the docks, two merchants (Gerrick and Heptarch) had been arguing regarding docking rights, and as this is a regular occurrence the guild had refused to assist
  • Jada gathered the team, and they headed for the docks, with no quick resolution Jada & Tyll briefly spoke with Nentarsce.
  • The situation resolved after a brief ‘brawl’ when Heptarch refused to abide by a coin toss decision and both Sa’di and Tyll ‘insulted’ his honour. The party all gained reputation as enforcers for Nentarsce due to this event and were also given a 5% cut of both trade deals.
  • During the day Reinholdt & Jada acquired a wagon and mule from the candle maker, and this was moved to Xander’s warehouse for upgrades.
  • With rainfall predicted for the evening Sa’di checked in with the MB, rain providing a major cover from the guard due to the lack of working guns. Acquired a job to scare off a local band not belonging to MB or Cutters.
  • At nightfall the party found the groups base of operations, fought the group (to a close call on some parts), and most were killed, Frog and another survived and have been sworn into the MB.
  • Some goods were shared amongst the group, including 1000 crowns and varying equipment, the shop front and house have been acquired for Jada’s use with the requisite continued MB tithes and operations as necessary.
  • Post the events Tyll visited Marie, Jada spoke with Tom, Reinholdt sought out the fixer Barry for aid and Sa’di returned home
Week 1 Summary

Rithaign – Early Springtime

  • Jada & Reinholdt visited Tom Pollus, who offered Jada a traders contract for coal & a box of jewels (the latter not common knowledge) in a months’ time
  • Tyll was visited by Xander, who needed his help due to the guard raiding his ship, on board were some personal effects and 2 barrels for the Merchants Below
  • Tyll, Sa’di, Jada and Reinholdt enacted a plan to recover the personal effects for Xander and the barrels (Due to Sa’di’s connection to the MB)
  • Barrels were delivered to the MB, with the agreement of a 30-70 split of Xander’s initial pay
  • The gang split after this incident to change, sort themselves out & inquire to various contacts about potential jobs
    Tyll – Siren, Vision of a mysterious figure in the graveyard
    Sa’di – MB – One Eyed Sam is missing
    Jada – Various potential small trading agreements
    Reinholdt – Building cart enquiries
  • Re-grouped, collected payment from Xander (1500 crowns), discussed possible P.O.A etc. decided to investigate graveyard
  • Investigation of the graveyard led to the ‘Ischor’ mausoleum, all bodies missing, brief encounter with a frenzied skeleton
  • Tracked footsteps from the graveyard to a nearby tavern
  • Jada enthrals the locals with the tale of the shipwreck and the ghosts
  • Tyll & Sa’di talked to Celia & Artos (possible spellbound), and when they left, Sa’di trailed them to the Square
  • In the square Celia and Artos alerted nearby militia to the trail, and Sa’di had to make a quick escape across the rooftops, with minor assistance from Reinholdt and Tyll.
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