Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

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Week 1 Summary

Rithaign – Early Springtime

  • Jada & Reinholdt visited Tom Pollus, who offered Jada a traders contract for coal & a box of jewels (the latter not common knowledge) in a months’ time
  • Tyll was visited by Xander, who needed his help due to the guard raiding his ship, on board were some personal effects and 2 barrels for the Merchants Below
  • Tyll, Sa’di, Jada and Reinholdt enacted a plan to recover the personal effects for Xander and the barrels (Due to Sa’di’s connection to the MB)
  • Barrels were delivered to the MB, with the agreement of a 30-70 split of Xander’s initial pay
  • The gang split after this incident to change, sort themselves out & inquire to various contacts about potential jobs
    Tyll – Siren, Vision of a mysterious figure in the graveyard
    Sa’di – MB – One Eyed Sam is missing
    Jada – Various potential small trading agreements
    Reinholdt – Building cart enquiries
  • Re-grouped, collected payment from Xander (1500 crowns), discussed possible P.O.A etc. decided to investigate graveyard
  • Investigation of the graveyard led to the ‘Ischor’ mausoleum, all bodies missing, brief encounter with a frenzied skeleton
  • Tracked footsteps from the graveyard to a nearby tavern
  • Jada enthrals the locals with the tale of the shipwreck and the ghosts
  • Tyll & Sa’di talked to Celia & Artos (possible spellbound), and when they left, Sa’di trailed them to the Square
  • In the square Celia and Artos alerted nearby militia to the trail, and Sa’di had to make a quick escape across the rooftops, with minor assistance from Reinholdt and Tyll.
Week 2 Summary

Rithaign – Early Springtime

  • Tyll woke up to a stranger sat nearby his house by the water, the man with almost no appendages (name undiscovered), they spoke regarding the man’s time at sea and his longing to return, Tyll spoke of the Siren and a meeting of those who follow her
  • Jada began another day with a visit from Tom, asking her to assist with a matter down at the docks, two merchants (Gerrick and Heptarch) had been arguing regarding docking rights, and as this is a regular occurrence the guild had refused to assist
  • Jada gathered the team, and they headed for the docks, with no quick resolution Jada & Tyll briefly spoke with Nentarsce.
  • The situation resolved after a brief ‘brawl’ when Heptarch refused to abide by a coin toss decision and both Sa’di and Tyll ‘insulted’ his honour. The party all gained reputation as enforcers for Nentarsce due to this event and were also given a 5% cut of both trade deals.
  • During the day Reinholdt & Jada acquired a wagon and mule from the candle maker, and this was moved to Xander’s warehouse for upgrades.
  • With rainfall predicted for the evening Sa’di checked in with the MB, rain providing a major cover from the guard due to the lack of working guns. Acquired a job to scare off a local band not belonging to MB or Cutters.
  • At nightfall the party found the groups base of operations, fought the group (to a close call on some parts), and most were killed, Frog and another survived and have been sworn into the MB.
  • Some goods were shared amongst the group, including 1000 crowns and varying equipment, the shop front and house have been acquired for Jada’s use with the requisite continued MB tithes and operations as necessary.
  • Post the events Tyll visited Marie, Jada spoke with Tom, Reinholdt sought out the fixer Barry for aid and Sa’di returned home
Week 3 Summary

Rithaign – Early Springtime

  • Reinholdt was woken by Samuel Bailey, asking him for his assitance in regards to his mechanical bird, and also to see a girl about a delivery.
  • Tyll is woken by a knock on Marie’s door, which happens to be Reinholdt and Samuel, Tyll opens the door as Marie was sleeping and they briefly spoke & Reinholdt and Tyll helped Samuel with his bird
  • During this event Marie seemed to be having a nightmare, Tyll went, woke her and helped to comfort her, before the four went out for lunch.
  • Jada woke and went to the new building, to start sorting things out.
  • On return to the warehouse Reinholdt was confronted by a drygt, who was inquiring to the brawl upon the docks, he was dragged to see Nentarsce and named Jada as a trader involved.
  • Sa’di, Reinholdt and Jada did a bit of a clear down of the new shop, seperating the loot into useful and not, tidying the living quaters, basement area and workshop.
  • Meawhilst Tyll forgetting about the new shop went off and trapped a spell.
  • The night soil man came to deal with the bodies, Barry came to look over the inventory, and took things away to sell. A cut of which to come back to Jada for the shop.
  • Jada and Tyll went to see Xander, in regards to helping Jada with the shop. After which the group did the petals in wine ritual, for the new trade venture, Jada gained mood, Xander is being watched by a noble, Tyll lost reason for a while, Reinholdt lost wealth and Sa’di learnt a secret about The Beast
  • Secret: The Beast Fyrajji Savage – Reason works for Treb vision quest some who deals death for a year and day
  • Sa’di went to see Father Oswald, passing him a bag of 50 crowns, and breifly discussing the lack of faith in the high god. the money to be used to help the small chapel and those who it helps.
  • Tyll visited the downtrodden, giving out apples to them and making a speech regarding their freedom, some do respond well. Bringing hope to those who have none.
  • Reinholdt sorted out his life out, a series of unfortunate events dry up his wealth temporarily, however he manages to get somewhat happier, spending time with his armour buddies, indroducing Samuel to Agnes to help him have friends etc.
  • Jada went to speak with Fred to discuss the Narsks situation and the possibility of buying them for the coal mission
  • Sa’di looked into one-eyed Sam missing, apparently the night of the fight quite a few nobels, one made a large bet and won and then Sam left with this nobel. Sam hadn’t returned home, the carriage definitely belongs to the Noostermark family. Visiting Duchy. they have a holiday home in Winterhill.
  • Meet up in the market, in the cutters territory, screaming starts up, people screaming about ‘mad fire’, linking up with the cutters, the fight starts with a crisis surge, a small child is set on fire, the mad fire person was One-eyed Sam. Put out the remaining fire, civilians help with the clean up.
  • Group scarpered to the pub for a few drinks. Discussed that it was Sam and the possibility of following up with the Noostermark family. Also discussed the gemstone delivery, and broke Jada in discussions about Tom and his trustiness.
  • Jada sent a letter to the Rithaign mining co. and was invited to meet them. On route she met up with Tom and told him about the evnts so far. Tom then branched into a story. Jada’s father was a smuggler in earlier life and both him and Tom had a slightly unsavory start.
  • Conversation with the Hofstadter’s and agreed the younger, Karl, would accompany on the mission as a guide.
  • Sa’di and Tyll went to investigate the Noostermark family holiday home. both front and side entrances. Wall is close to the main house so easy to move across into the building. Area has sewers.
  • More investigation into the noble, returning to the fighting pits, some of the locals say the noble is likely to return to the Pit sometime soon.
    Sa’di entered a fight, whilst Jada and Tyll kept an eye on the crowd.
    Nentarsce was present and then a few more nobles, one 70’s, one duelist and tywin lannister seem to be watching.
  • Sa’di won the fight vs. Stacks, earning 60g herself and Jada 15g, after the fight the normal people left, Tyll trieds sending a magical message setting off another surge, which caught the attention of the nobles.
  • Chase across the rooftops which ended when Tyll zapped the one guard who had kept up with him.
Week 4 Summary

Rithaign – Early Springtime (Late Feb)

  • Dryght presence has increased overnight, vague description of Tyll being circulated, Sa’di was found by a merchant, asking to report in to Cornfed as soon as possible.
  • Cornfed called in for a meeting of the crew heads, headed out to Barry’s place for the meeting. Fagin, Barry etc. in attendance, Axel (known by description rather than by name, possibly Bosses crew). Barry updated the crews. Cutters reached out, MB not welcome in the Cutter’s territory. Higher ups think it’s the Axemen. Update Barry on what happened at the fighting pit.
  • Reinholdt and Jada went to see Nentarsce hoping for work for more money, Nentarsce seems to be hiding a potential job, but passed on other work. Reinholdt was offered enforcer work whilst Jada was offered an appraisal job. Testing her knowledge by getting her to appraise gems.
  • Hut 3, customs type building, Reinholdt looked over the gears, which are clearly of military grade. Definitely stolen goods, apparently a private order, Reinholdt however did declare this, and they discussed options. The Captain asked to see Nentarsce, who went to see the situation. Discussed with Nentarsce. Paperwork was in order however. Situation resolved, goods were confiscated and the Captain Walsh was lefts to discuss with Nentarsce.
  • Tyll practices spearing things all day.
  • Overnight activity – a watch building was burnt down in the night, Barry called anotehr meeting and asked if the crew were involved, asked to check it out.
  • Jada once again went to see Tom, Orchids of Hessek heard about the trade deal and are trying to move in. Tom noted that Nentarsce was a great person to see in regards to smuggling.
  • Watchtower – the fire is out, small cordon to stop people being too interested. No militia but Dryght are present. Some people are who are not dryght but seem important are looking over the ruins. Ask one of the watchmen, apparently the ‘axemen’. Spotted in the crowds: an underground poet, and a few other notables. A sketch was by made by posters and a notable person in the crowd followed the person when they left the area.
  • An odd ‘chase’ occurred, posters (Peeves) was followed by someone who Tyll and Sa’di followed. Eventually staker (Aegis) wandered off, both Tyll and Sa’di followed. Following him, stalker back, entering the room there are several people, Regis and others, likely Axemen. The gentleman orignally being followed was Ignatius Peeves. Mention of the Wildfire incident, got slightly more interest from the crew.
  • Went to a pub, gained information on him and his team, Peeves is smart, gas and explosions, crossbow, got a mage. A ‘bird’ who apparently you’ll never see coming. Check in with Barry for a hard digit on Peeves ‘bounty’
  • Jada went to see Nentarsce regarding more ‘work’. An delivery was needed to be made to a nearby inn, from Captain Bloggs. Sending an urchin to get Reinholdt.
  • Coincidence: Group up, and take the box of alchemic goods (totally legal), stopped at the gate by a pair of guards one rather idiotic, and one who accepted a bribe and moved us on through.
  • Road is uneventful, passing some traders and merchants on route, and a few akran guard patrols. A procession of guards does also go pass. Arrive at the Black Pony Inn, 2 story building, stone ground and wooden second floor, oversized stable and garden. A Seradynn troll (see Fixer pic) is the recipient and will send payment to Nentarsce in the normal manner.
  • Peeves & Crew is worth: 1157 Gold to MB
  • End Day. 16
Week 5 Summary

Rithaign – Early Springtime (Late Feb)

  • On the way back into the city Tyll decided to check on the graveyard with Reinholdt, managing to obtain entry fairly easily. More footprints in the mud, fresher than the previous incident, on inspection of the tomb not much seemed to have changed, although on close inspection on the far wall a scrape was found, possibly caused by a moving wall or tomb. The torch bracket acting as a lever the wall moved away.
  • Reinholdt and Tyll decend the stairs after closing the door behind. 600-700 steps later, a door leads into the catacombs, currently locked. Tyll used magic to heat then cool the door in quick succesion, causing the door to fall off its hinges. Inside teh catacombs Tyll and Reinholdt found a room where a fire had recently been lit, scratching markings into the walls as they went.Voices were heard so both Tyll and Reinholdt hide amongst the bones, four people walked past, discussing that the night was waning and they should return up top.
  • Tyll and Reinholdt trailed them, Tyll casting a wind spell to put the lantern, out, getting it relit seeing Tyll they drop this lantern, Tyll speaks as though a guardian of the king, they respond with that they are trying to reclaim the king from his burial, and they agree to take him to see the ‘Judge’
  • Meanwhile, there is more security in the streets, all over the city, the fighting pits are more subdued than usual and the one from the night before is closed down. One of the smaller ones is a bit more active. Signing up for the fights, noting a guard of ‘Tywin’ in the crowd. Although a close fight Sa’di opponent does surrender.
  • Jada went down to the docks to watch the trade negotiations and deals taking place, trying to gain information about the ways of trading.
  • The four people lead Tyll and Reinholdt (not in vision) outside the catacombs, they lead them to a clearly abandoned house. Tyll is lead inside, it is clearly an abandoned house, he is led into the a maintained basement, the ‘high priest’ is away so he is given a tour of the ‘church’, building a force, backers in the nobles etc. Meanwhile Reinholdt waits patiently listening for noises of distress.
  • In the morning the group reconvines, and discusses the ‘cult’ needing information on the old king of Valtereal, speaking both to the priests (via Father Oswald) and an old witch the king pre-dates Akra. Doesn’t pre-date Akra, Valtereal didn’t exist at the time, not originally a coastal town. The king has been sealed away in the bones of the city by our current king. A witch-king only seen now upon the islands. Also noted Tyll should ask ‘his friend’ for the reason he was put onto this task.
  • After further discussion with the group, Tyll leaft to ‘speak’ with the Siren, who seemed pleased at the idea of disposing of the cult.
  • Time passes: Reinholdt and Jada followed those who left the ‘church’, following to the graveyard, Sa’di followed them into the tomb whilst R & J waited outside, Tyll waited in the catacombs for their arrival. Upon arrival, they investigate him for magic, and find he is not who he says he is.
  • Combat happens
  • After the combat, the mage of the church, killed himself via cyanide, however one of the cultists quickly folded to interogation, and the group infiltrate the cult under disguise. During ‘communion’ with the King Below the priest, surges causing daytime nightmares, Tyll and the priest both fall to their knees.
  • More combat
  • A few of the surviving cultist were ‘convinced’ to run away and one asked where Tyll could be found for future reference
Week 6 Summary

Rithaign – Springtime (Late Feb)

  • Weather is beginning to change – springtime is coming
  • Tyll began the new day organising a party, dragging Sa’di along to speak with Barry, Tyll discussed musical instruments, Tyll and Barry come to an arrangement regarding a low quality (2) flute.
  • Jada went to see the witch taking more food along with her. Talking with her about the ‘old’ ways, looking over her the witch tells Jada she has no magical ability but it is possible to learn.
  • After her visit to the witch, Jada meets up to Reinholdt near the docks and Reinholdt suggests breakfast. Coincidentally the same place Sa’di and Tyll ended up. The group discussed Tyll party idea.
  • On route to the shop Tyll and Jada spot a nobles carriage, a small child begs at the carriage, and proceeds to be shot in the head. Tyll becomes quite enranged and Jada moved to stop him doing anything stupid. The guards note who they are but they quickly make their escape. They head to the shop, finding Xander, the no apendages man and some others smoking out a rats nest. Xander told Tyll and Jada, about the theatre below. Xander had also been out recruitting.
  • Tyll heads out back to the soup kitchens etc. to continue talking about freedom
  • Jada then went out to do some trading. Nentarshe calls for her immediately, needing an auditer distracted. Jada manages to distract him for a while. Then returns to trading. In the evening the group meet up to go to the underground theatre, along with Marie and Xander. The group end up moving through MacMurphy’s Fine Wine Emporium, through a secret door to an underground establishment. Treb Quinlan, ‘The Beast’ the ‘Axemen’ and Nentarsche is also here. Jada joins Nentarsche at the bar, Tyll and Marie are dragged away by Xander to discuss poetry. Sa’di is facinated by the music and Reinholdt is watching the instruments themselves.
  • Axemen:
    Spellbound – court wizards robes
    Young Woman – Wanted to shoot us, evening gown
    Regis – Blond curly hair, flowery marnish clothing
    Big guy – stuffed into fashinable clothes
    Shorter old guy – shabby chic
  • Tyll, Marie and Sa’di ‘bumped’ into Regis, Jada continues to speak with Nentarsche, Reinholdt looks at the instruments, being introduced to the musicians.
  • The very illegal play begins and the house goes quiet, the evening festivities end and the group disperse. The four head to the fighting pits, heading for the Mill. On arrival the Beast is fighting a bear. Reinholdt and Sa’di agree to a bear baiting fight. Winning without much a problem.
  • Jada speaks with Tom about the party, Reinholdt returns home, Sa’di decided to case the other fighting pits to find the noble who took Sam, this did not end well.
  • The following day, Tyll takes Xander to meet some of the down and out people to check their safety for the party. Jada went to see Nentarsche who gifted her a necklace for her help with the auditer. Reinholdt was interrupted by Sam who has got hold of some orangee steel and need his help to work on his mechanical bird. Sa’di investigated the noble, Baron Farsees Rohn, banking house, 2nd most powerful. Own a lot of property etc. Heir is Artos.
  • Party time: War stories, music, and frivolity.
  • Upon leaving the party a group of robed figures emerge from a carriage.
Week 7 Summary
  • Murder brawl of doom – Tyll left straight away to get Marie and Xander to safety, Sa’di, Reinholdt, Jada and Sam lef to fight, Sam & Sa’di escape, stealing the two horses and carriage however Jada and Reinholdt were captured
  • Tyll, Xander and Marie end up at Xander’s safetly.
  • Sam & Sa’di dropped the stolen carriage at the warehouse, Sam goes home, Sa’di checks the warehouse, the shop, Tyll’s house, Marie’s house and after no luck sleeps at the warehouse.
  • The following morning, Xander takes Marie home, Tyll checks the warehouse, grouping up with Sa’di. On the way to the shop t check for the others a town crier is heard, a public execution is going to take place on Sunday, (in game day: Thursday).
  • During search of the normal haunts, and finding nothing, Tyll buys a chicken. Cornfed intends to put the word out however needs time plan to speak to Barry in the evening.
  • Meanwhile Jada and Reinholdt awaken tied to chairs, in a dank stone room (10×10). Reinholdt manages to get himself unties from the chair, guards check on them due to noise, Reinholdt sneezes alerting them that they are awake. Reinholdt unties Jada whilst the guards disappear. The sergent from the fight, Celcilia and a couple of guards arrive. Jada acknowledges her and strikes up the conversation. They remain in the prison despite potential escape attempts.
  • Tyll decides to speak with the Siren to locate Reinholdt & Jada. Performing the ritual Tyll believes the Siren tried but failed to locate them.
  • Go see Barry in the evening, Axel and some of the others are gearing up to move on house Rohn. During the gear up an urchin arrives, house Rohn want to talk.
  • Come evening time Jada and Reinholdt are informed that they are to be traded for the one they are after.
  • Meeting place is a run down stable. Cecilia and co. are there, Axel makes it clear the two they have are not MB and isn’t interested in a trade. A brawl breaks out.
  • Tyll sneaks off to investigate the Rohn household. Ground floor – servants quater & great hall. He overhears a guard talking, only 8 guards in the house, and two prisoners in the basement. Tyll starts fires as he moves through the house, gets Jada and Reinholdt and tries to move them out of the building. Running into a guard on route out.
  • Fightan!
  • They escape out onto the street and make their way out into the night.
  • Meanwhile Sa’di, Axel and co. fight out with Cecilia, fightan happens, the militia show up and everybody scatters to the wind.
  • On return to the shop Tyll, Reinholdt and Jada are there. Sa’di comes to the shop a quick convesation happens ending with Tyll telling Reinholdt that his breakfast was back home on the stove.
Week 8

Rithaign – Early Spring

  • Morning after the group congrugated at the anchor for breakfast:
    Trade – Sell the carriage, get a secondary cart for the journey
    Execution – Coldnook prisoners coming from a few days away so will already be on the move, prison has dryght and a small section of army trainees, likely the army men will be there.
  • Jada heads down to the horse market to sell the draft horses – looking at 400 gold for both, another cart would cost 2000.
  • Sa’di drops via Barry to see about selling the carriage, he’s going to look into it and have information in the evening.
  • Tyll and Reinholdt go looking for the ‘Axemen’, returning to the apartment where they found them before. The doorman (Roy) ‘speaks’ with Reinholdt whilst Tyll and Regis talked, Regis enquired about Sa’di and Marie and Tyll told them about the Cult etc. before finallly discussing the execution.
  • Social combat happened trying to convince the ‘Axemen’ that Tyll and Reinholdt aren’t kingsmen. Agreed to meet at 9th bell at the bat bar.
  • They then head to see Boris about smoke bombs and the like.
  • The group re-meet at the anchor and head to have a look at the main square, wooden watchtowers, likely snipers. Palace leads onto the square so the Duke’s guard are likely to be in attendance. Buildings 2/3 stories, all fancy shops etc. Big stage being built for the execution, seating for the nobles and manhole covers.
  • Post meeting Jada goes back to see the Witch to discuss her new found powers. Afterwards goes to see Tom who doesn’t have much to say.
  • Tyll went to see Marie, finding her out at her day job, she asks him to stop what he’s doing when he talks of the fire. They discuss the trade.
  • Sa’di went to drop in on Father Oswald, to let them know she is leaving town for a while leaving a bag of gold as she goes. Checking in with Barry a buyer has been found who’s willing to pay 4k for the cart.
  • On arrival to the buyer, Sa’di is put under arrest, managing an escape accross the rooftops, heading back to Barry, she find Tyll and Fagin crosses their paths, Barry has gone missing, the network quickly find he’s taken off across the rooftops. Fagin and his crew go to cut him off, whilst Tyll and Sa’di go to catch him.
  • Tyll & Sa’di manage to catch him before he reaches the drygt tower. Knocking him out, Tyll take him back to the shop whilst Sa’di goes to get Axel. Sending Fagin and co. to go help protect the shop.
  • Heading to MB headquarters, listed in Barry’s information. finding Axel and co. leading them back to the shop.
  • Barry comes too and talks to Tyll, but doesn’t succeed in riling him up. shortly after Sa’di arrives with the Axel & co. Ginny shoots Barry after getting the information about the Kingsmen. The night soil man comes to collect the body.
  • Stealer comes to see the carriage, saying the guild will take it and to see Cornfed later to get paid.
  • Arriving later at Bat Bar, the group waits for the Axemen. Finally introductions are made: Regis, Echo (wizard), Bear (big guy), Veles (woman), Svarog (dodgy older guy).
  • On discussion it’s decided that the Axemen will take the ground and get the prisoners out. Whilst the group will cause a major distraction, discussions broke out about bombing a nearby nobles house, or various other building. The main talk was around bombing the zeppelin above the dryght tower
  • The group leave the Bat bar and go Navy hunting to find uniforms to get onto the Zeppelin, sitting in a bar nearby drygt tower they listen into a converstations finding some information about various captains etc.
  • Reinholdt is 3rd army 2nd company
  • Jada leads one soldier, away flirting with him, he offers to walk her home where she leads him into the merchants district, giving a sign to Fagin to ambush them.
  • The trio of Reinholdt, Tyll and Sa’di follow a group and ambush them, stealing their unforms and purses to look like a mugging.
  • Sa’di went to see Cornfed before the evening was over, MB women seredyn troll fence named Leisette. The Carriage was worth 3500.
  • Before leaving for the night Jada spoke to Tyll regarding her newfound spellbound-ness.
  • Reinholdt speaks with Bruce, to keep Agnes safe at the execution

SATURDAY 24th Feb (5 days till departure)

  • Jada first thing gets her trading company legitimized and then goes to speak Tom, telling him about the kidnapping and the plan, he wants he not to go ahead and get out of there. She also speaks with Nentarsche
  • Reinholdt went to see Sam, telling him to look out for himself. A group of the old engineers and army buddys are meeting at the Wheaton Bird.
  • Tyll goes to find Xander, to discuss the Cult, getting it set up and what to do whilst he’s gone. Finding Marie afterwards, they spend the morning shopping for supplies for the trip before telling her about the plan for the execution.
  • Sa’di went to the shops, buying a grappling hook and drop rope.
  • The group discuss the plan before the meeting with the Axemen.
  • On the evening the group take the barrel of gun powder to be loaded onto the Zeppelin. The group, also gain weapons from the navy and make their way onto the Zeppelin.
  • Shenanigans happen with Tyll etc.


  • Arrow deck – Reinholdt and Sa’di
  • Guard duty – Tyll and Jada
  • On guard duty Tyll sets off a fire nearby the gunpowder, and Reinholdt drops some smokebombs, and it all goes a bit mad.
  • Tyll goes and kicks off in the bridge, ashing the captain and bosun and fighting on the bridge
  • Sa’di and Reinholdt place a grenade within the engine and evac the zeppelin.
  • Tyll continues the fight trying to change the direction of the Zeppelin away from the square whilst Jada evacs
  • Fightan! Tyll vs. Dryght
  • Hitting the ground Reinholdt moves to help the prisoners, Sa’di provided cover fire for Regis. Jada heads for where Tyll should be setting down whilst Tyll grapples down to a nearby rooftop, and then gets hit by a bathtub.
  • Reinholdt helps lead the prisoners, Bear gave Reinholdt an honour axe as he dissappeared.
  • Sa’di provides cover fire for the fighting Axemen, joining them as they head to leave the square. Echo catching up. Veles tossing her a gun as they seperated.
  • Jada went running off to find where Tyll had crashed down, finding him unconcious, dragged him back to the shop. Sa’di & Reinholdt finding their way back.
Week 9 Summary

Various Places – Springtime

Still Sunday

Reinholdt goes to the Wheaton Bird to meet up with his old army buddies, however the city is in chaos, upon reaching the bar, Sam, Drammer, Agnes & Bruce are all there.

Jada goes down to see Rithaign Mining Co. in regards to the trade deal, agreements were made, to ship out a bit earlier, moving on the Tuesday potentially however they will send word when it’s ready to go.

Sa’di goes out to find Marie amongst the chaos to bring her back into the shop.

Rumours around the city, the army were in on it and various issues are arising from this problem.

A couple of days are spent recouperating in the basement, checking on things for the trade deal


Sa’di goes to see Leisette, to introduce herself.

Sam shows up at the shop, to talk to Jada, asking for a job to bolster his pension.

Nentarsche also pops by to talk to Jada, bringing a bottle of wine, Jada managed to completely miss the point needing the push to invite him to drink with us, toasting to the mission ahead.

A runner comes along to let the group know the coal shipment is ready. Jada goes down to the Mining Co. to get going, incoming on an argument, Karl and Eric are both there and a very regal gentleman, Alsidees (Orchids), trying to take the contract from Trade Winds.

Karl having packed his bags gets himself ready to leave, Eric asks for Jada to keep him safe along the way.


Leaving the city the group decides on the mountain pass, heading out of the city without much of a problem. a few days pass before the group need to leave the road taking the more farm tracks to go over the mountains.

Whilst moving across the mountains, the group pass a full regiment of army soldiers, fully geared heading to Rithaign.

Along one of the roads, the group encounter a caravan with a broken wheel, Reinholdt approaches to help fix it. Making camp for the evening the group trade information about the roads, and the cities. The city we’re heading too had a crisis surge over the winter, few fatalities etc.

More days pass, rain has started, roads get worse up in the mountains. Karl adn Jada go ahead to scout whilst Reinholdt and co. secure the coal, the group move throught the pass. At night the group set up camp, the animals seem skittish and as night fully sets in the wolves start howling, it continues throughout the night, a pack are clearly hunting.

More days pass, slow going through the mountain, however no major incidents. Coming out of the mountains and meeting up with the trade roads. Finding the first Inn the group take a day to rest and recouperate.

The trip is fairly straightforward passing through Welvage and taking a barge pretty much up to the doomholds.

On route betwween the barge and the doomholds, the group pass through Glowermoor and onto the forested roads, on route they run into a noble and his peasant who wouldn’t allow trade into Saltridge, the group agree to be taken back to the main city

Whilst the group are being watched at night, church bells ring at intermittent times, both Sa’di and Tyll decide to have a look what’s going on, finding their way to an open square near a church, one of the only lit places outside within the city, the church doors are open but a port cutlass is down. The commotion seems to be around a murder, the guy has been gutted and posed.

They wander through the town, spotting sets of guards of at least 10, the churches are all lit and defensible locations.

On travelling out of the country, the road is set so that each night the group reach a cabin, heavily fortified and guarded.

Eventually the group are led across the border.

More travelling!

On arrival to Saltridge the group are briefly stopped but given directions, to the main city, the coal is delivered and the group go to deliver the box of gems.

Whilst in Saltridge Jada and Reinholdt start set up for an Engineers shop.


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