Akran Royal Army

The Akran Royal Army are the collective armed forces of the Kingdom of Akra. Every one of the eight duchies in Akra is required by the King’s Law to field an army and a navy and to contribute them to any war the King prosecutes. At the moment, and for the past few years, the Royal Army has been bitterly embroiled with the conquest and vicious defense of East Fire, across the Bay of Hilts and formerly a city belonging to the Kingdom of Azenahal.

What was meant to be a glorious conquest leading to a crusade across Nahalite lands and ending in swift victory for Akra has become an awful, years-long quagmire that drains men and money out of Akra and into the meat grinder. The Doge of Azenahal holds dominion over the savages of the Serai desert near East Fire and has announced that he will exempt any tribe from the tribute they are required to pay him annually as long as they make war against the Akran conquerors. The hordes of the Serai desert descended upon East Fire without the Doge having to lift a finger and while the crack Akran army initially had little trouble repelling the savages, the Serai hordes are apparently without number and even the Akran military machine is starting to wear down.

The Bay between Rithaign and East Fire is a battleground between the Akran Navy’s attempts to keep the supply chain to East Fire going, and the Nahalite attempts to sever it. Privateers, the navies of smaller nations and so on attack ships of both sides, following the gold of whoever is paying them that day. Trade in the Bay is suffering under the strain of the ongoing naval war.

Aside from its lack of victory in East Fire, any nation in the world would be proud to field the military that Akra possesses. It is a world class army: large, well trained and equipped with the latest weaponry – good steel, wheellock muskets, cannon, modern ships, zeppelins, submersibles and mages from the Akran military academies. Its officers and generals are recruited from the finest each generation of Akran nobility can offer and the King punishes incompetence harshly – making nepotism a poor choice of recruitment for Akran officers. That they have held East Fire as long as they have is a testament to the resilience of the Akran Army.

Akran Royal Army

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