House Brimstone


Ex igni natarum, in lapis humābimus (Born in Fire, Entombed in Stone)

“We are the stones upon which Akra will hold against our enemies, and the fire that will burn our enemies.”

Knight Errant
Retired Soldier
Mercenary looking for Legitimacy

Story Goals

  • Reclaim Land from Bandits etc
  • Expand House (subsume other houses/find distant cousins)
  • Become Marquis of the March of Brimstone
  • Look into New Rohn
  • Replace Gareth Mintar

County Brimstone:

  • Market town with Chateau
  • Geothermal activity
  • Spas
  • Huge Moors (owned by crown in general)
Scope 14 Wealth (Income) 7 (4)
Force 13 Shadow 12
Efficiency 13 Arcana 8

Wealth Spends

Wealth Level Purchase 1 Purchase 2
1 Food for Poor Food for Poor
2 Food for Poor Food for Poor
3 Lady Ramney Lord Huntinghill
4 Bazaar (Income +1) Bazaar (Income +1)
5 Town Guard Town Guard
6 Shield Bearers Shield Bearers
7 Heavy Footmen Heavy Footmen
Bought Mine (Income +1)

Notable Members

Brimstone.jpg Once a noble house of respectable lineage and background, House Brimstone’s last lord was Yurd Brimstone. A pleasant if unrelenting man, he was nevertheless well respected by his peers and known as a man more accepting of the lower classes based on virtue on skill over birth. Following a long illness and a life without matrimony, the vultures gathered to see who he would name heir.

To the surprise and frustration of many, Primula was named the new head of the house. An advisor to Yurd, she was well respected for her intelligence and capability, but it was nonetheless a shock to see her risen to the role of matriarch of the house. His hope was that with her connections and experience, along with a natural magic in her blood, she would be better than allowing his house to fall apart.

Unfortunately, quite there was a great deal of upheaval. The division of estates were ripped apart: old debts were found by Farsees Rohn and pursued doggedly, taking much of the wealth of the house, their estates, their manor house and most of their staff.

Luckily for Primula, her own experience and her friend Marius Nentarsce managed to hold the house sufficently together: retaining enough wealth to still be respected and a townhouse in the city.

There are many say that was a mistake.

House Brimstone has since become a haven for the Troll’s targetted by Gareth Mintar, and Primula has used her position as Head of the House to enforce much lenient laws on those who work for her: leading to gifts of farmland by grateful families.

At present, the grand sum of the house’s is a two story Townhouse of Odren Square, a few acres of farmland, a trade barge, an underused caravel and a few dank stalls in the market.

What is lesser known in the “polite” society of nobles is the involvement of the house in Smuggling with the Merchant’s below. Rarely caught or traced back, the house has nevertheless been critical in the infiltration and exfiltration of infidels and refugees alike.


House Brimstone

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