Rithaign Ducal Militia

The Rithaign Ducal Militia are the arm of House Tumenant’s retinue specifically formed to help keep the peace in the city of Rithaign, and protect Tumenant interests in the Duchy. Unlike the Rithaign Watch, they try not to recruit locals and almost exclusively recruit those who have served at least one campaign in the Army or Navy – hoping the military experience will have driven the empathy and mercy out of their men. They do have a small training camp in the forests of Rithaign Duchy to keep their men sharp and cross-train them in the skills needed to serve in the Militia.

Surprisingly, they do not work closely with the Watch at all and have ended up as rivals. The Militia think of the Watch as undisciplined, corrupt local city rats and the Watch think the Militia are snooty foreign soldiers who just do the Duke’s dirty work. Certainly it is rare to see the Militia go after common criminals – they usually just pursue those who have offended the Duke or his allies, or more dangerous criminals like serial killers or rogue spellbound. They spend a lot of their time hunting down suspected Axemen and other insurrectionists.

The Militia are, by and large, significantly better trained and equipped than the Watch, are trained to work better as a unit and always move in force. Their methods are brutal and they have no interest in sparing innocent bystanders or minimising property damage. They are only accountable to House Tumenant or Kingsmen. They have a reputation for stolidly non-corrupt, but in reality it’s just quite difficult to get one alone long enough to slip him a bag of coins – they are soldiers and like most soldiers can be as selfish and greedy as anyone.

Led by the formidable Captain Lund, the Militia are slightly more on-the-ball than the Watch when it comes to organised crime like the Cutters and Merchants, and have no problem kicking down the doors of suspected safehouses or torturing people for information on the thieves guilds. Their military manner holds them back from doing good investigative work, however, and they rely on thief-takers a lot more than they would like. The Dryght in particular have learned not to rely on the word of the Militia when it comes to people suspected of crimes against the King.

Rithaign Ducal Militia

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