The Eastern Dawn


(Above: The Eastern Dawn storefront in Rithaign)


Scope 11
Efficiency 13
Force 7
Shadow 12
Arcana 11
Income 8
Wealth Level 4
Savings 2000 Gold Imperials

Ongoing Actions

  • None


Store Front +1 Income
Warehouse +1 Income
Bazaar Stalls x2 +2 Income
Traders Hall +2 Income

Notable Employees

  • Khai Nahari: Head of the Eastern Dawn. Well-travelled, but a Kitaarsan through and through.
  • Áurea Corte-Real: Scornful deputy head of the Rithaign branch. Dunlorian, with archetypal opinions of Avedinian folk to match.
  • Marco Lasandi: Courier and stablehand. Nahalite who spent extended time in the Serai desert.
  • Jigme the Cat: Company mascot, and formerly Khai’s familiar. Cantankerous as a basement full of Cleaner Crabs.

The Eastern Dawn

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