Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts in the Spellbound Kingdoms

Welcome to the Spellbound Kingdoms. A series of oppressive monarchies jostling for land and power in the continent of The Claw. Akra, Thyre, Marnh, Azenahal, Dynn, The Amber Empire. All held under the absolute power of their ruling families, all crushing the hope and passion out of their people. So it has been for thousands of years. The nobility have the privilege to feel passion, hope, love. The nobility are allowed to wield the incredibly dangerous power that is magic. The commoners get nothing but the boot and the lash, except they get to live.

But now Thyre burns. Jason of Thyre’s martyrdom has sparked a revolution that threatens to ignite the whole Claw in a conflagration that may see the old Kingdoms burn to ash. The Claw stands on the precipice – of a new Dark Age or a new Enlightenment nobody is sure. It’s all to play for.

While Thyre burns and the Kings turn their attentions to the growing turmoil, life continues as normal in Rithaign, where our adventure begins.

A chance meeting after a shipwreck. A mysterious cloak from a Low God. A down on her luck trader with big ambitions. A crafty engineer with a hammer and some very big ideas. A haunted rogue who is running away from the very literal ghosts of her past. Humble beginnings… but Destiny has a habit of seizing those who have nothing.

Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Rastawn CullenLewis Mattipus TheTiredWriter AlexConno1