Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Fixer's Journal: OH FUCK A KRAKEN!

Saltblood and I plugged the first hole with magic and fixer’s gum.
There was a kracken and the King of the Sea. Clearly they’ve met him before. The troll and the witch tried to drown themselves thanks to his actions. We blew it up. Clearly I need to get my hands on the explosives Salt Blood threw – but I am happy to take credit for most of the pyrotechnics.

Apart from when he blew Sa’di off her feet and almost killed her. But he did kill the Kraken. I’ll let it pass.

Rithain is gloomier than I thought. There are more raids. I shall have to be careful. I must remember my skills are not welcome. So much for setting up a university with any kind of fanfare.

The group separated as we enter the city.

Fixer's Journal: From the cove

Lachmann thinks I’m a fool to want to start a university in Akra. Such an unstable place, he says. But in such turmoil, those are the cities where the good need places to land. For me, that was the army. The training, the schedules, the drills. I knew who I was, what I needed to be and what was expected. I can give that to others. Intelligent individuals who need their minds to be nurtured, not wasted and opened to the vultures – on battlefields, or on the cobbles of an alleyway.

Out of the dirt that is Akra, I will help those minds blossom.

In the meantime, I travel with an interesting bunch. A saint, a sinner, an anarchist, and an archer who I’m really not sure about.

Week 30 - Tournament & The Second Chosen

Written after game, so minor details missing but the gist is here XD)

The tournament of Rithaign, planned entry: Sa’di (‘Lady Alya’) to the footrace & Parkour, Sa’di and Khai into Archery & Khai into the horse race.

  • Sa’di dominated the footrace, defeating all opponents by a very wide margin.
  • Sa’di also wins the Parkour, a closer margin between herself and another entrant, however he misses the ‘leap of faith’ after attempting to throw a rock to cause Sa’di to mess up and tumbles to his death.
  • Khai wins the Archery, managing to just pip Lord Blackfriar in the final round

Much betting was done on all areas of the tournament, Sa’di making several bets on herself as Lady Alya. Also during all of the areas of the tournament Prim socialised with other nobles.

During the 1 vs. 1 duels and also the group tourney an unknown ‘knight’ shone through the competition. Losing to The Beast in single combat but winning the all vs all group fight. During the evening entertainment she is swarmed by nobles with varying job offers including by Prim. In this conversation Prim and via Keen Eye Sa’di discover her to be a chosen one, and quickly bring her away from the party.

Once away from the party Sa’di drops the Lady Alya persona and disusses quite openly that the girl could have gotten herself killed as if her chosen status were discovered she was a threat to the King himself. Through a team sell with Khai (where he did most of the work) she was convinced to go to Sa’di Thieve’s Guantlet to train without use of her magical armour, so she could learn to defend herself as neccesary.

Week 28

Quote of the week: ‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself…’

Party pt 2:

  • Scene opens after the shot rings out through the cave, Rodello stumbles back into the water. Scowler approaches Sa’di asking if she’s alright and inviting her out of the cave to fish. Sa’di goes along to take a few moments out.
  • At the party Tyll does the rounds, getting the party back into swing of things, the Cult are enjoying themselves and the mood is infectious.
  • He then speaks with Khai & Primula regarding an attack on the parade and to get rumours circulating.
  • Prim has a minor religious crisis due to the presense of The Siren for the cult in comparisson to her lack of seeing her own low-god.
  • Once Sa’di retun to the party Tyll puts on a magic story-telling of a Marnish King and his magic cat. The story is so spectacular, that the crowd cheer and briefly the crowd part and the Siren is seen clapping upon the shore.
  • Khai and Prim discuss low gods.

Scene 9 – Tyll & Sa’di

  • As the party winds down Sa’di finally speaks with Tyll, Sa’di storms from the Cave and Tyll follows, refusing to leave her alone. Much bitching happens and Sa’di eventually promises to look for something good in the world.

Scene 10 – Prim & Nentarsche

  • Nentarsche visits Prim delivering a letter from their ‘friends up north’ and then discuss where Nentarsche had been, he had been held because his champion had been seen with Saltblood.

Scene 11 – Prim & Khai

  • Prim discusses the races with Khai.

Scene 12 – Prim & Sa’di

  • Prim delivers the letter from the Axemen which sends the group a letter of 2000 gold credit and a brief update on the Axemen activities in the North.

Scene 13 – Prim and The Thief-taker

  • Peeves shows up at Prim’s house, wishing to discuss the ‘attempted’ assassin at court and wishing to speak with Alya. Prim gives vague responses as to her whereabouts

Organisational Actions
Silent Footsteps

  • Find Cecelia – Out of town
  • Recruitment – Recruiting people to increase scope
  • Raid Winterhill during Parade

Eastern Dawn

  • Trading Missions


  • Maintain suppression of the Royal Culture Line
  • Rumours about the atack on the parade
  • Spell to ‘promote’ freedom of movement during parade

Prim’s House

  • War on Rohn’s House

Scene 14 – Dryght Tower
Seen over the city a Zeppelin comes in bringing a big group of the Dryght.

Scene 15 – Parade

  • Nobels – Palace/Church/Party
  • Commoners – Stand around being spare parts/Church/Party
  • Announcement made about House Rohn’s succession which has fallen to Carlos Tollin. Prim uses this time to speak with him. Meanwhile Sa’di (as Alya) spends her time avoiding Peeves.
  • Meanwhile in Winterhill The Silent Footsteps, Tyll & Khai go on a thieving spree.
Week 27 Summary

Scene Order to skip time…

Scene 1 – Prim & Sa’di go to breakfast with Lord Jacinto. Much small talk is made and Jacinto plays a small piano piece at ‘Lady Alya’s’ request. Prim discusses seeing the ‘lower’ nobles succeed in their plans. Prim makes her excuses and leaves the two ‘lower’ Noble to talk. A date is agreed between Alya & Jacinto at the festivities planned for the further week.

Scene 2 – Clearing out Reinholdt’s stuff – Tyll and Sa’di spend some time clearing out Reinholdt’s stuff, giving his unfinished projects to Sam, berating the nobility of Rithaign for his death and drinking to their lost friend.

Scene 3 – Khai looks into the goings on in Rithaign, hearing of various bits, Saltblood & The Axemen, hearing of the Zeppelin incident and the burning of houses in the Noble district.

Scene 4 – Prim at court…

Scene 5 – Sa’di & Marie: Sa’di has a conversation to investigate Marie’s inspirations, Love of Tyll & Love of Freedom confirmed (Tarie FTW!).

Scene 6 – Khai & Tyll training montage & Siren chatter. Siren told him that he needed to show people ‘true freedom’. Khai and Tyll discussed magic.

Scene 7 – Sa’di and the Church: Sa’di visits Father Oswald, talking about the reason for Reinholdt’s death. They talk of life and ’god’s plan’ and Sa’di declares things will only get worse and to get himself and Adam out of the city.

Scene 8 – PARTY: Everyone is invited to a party in the Siren’s cavern shrine. (This includes Marie, Edward, Rochelle, Silent Footsteps, Sam & Rodello).
- Main event: Social attacks between Rodello & Sa’di which ended in Rodello announcing the death of Reinholdt, which Sa’di then kicked off shooting him in the face, after which he fell into the water and disappeared.

Quotes of the party:
‘Do away with the Dryght…’ – Prim
‘Performance issues…’ – Sa’di

Possible Scenes for Saturday

  • Drink with Rodello
  • Noble’s parade


  • Party
  • Marie/Siren
  • Tournament


  • Liason with Axemen
Week 20-something... (26 I think)

- Both Tyll & Sa’di wake up within pitch black cells. Both are manacled to walls and Tyll also has a mouth piece to stop him casting.

-Tyll is removed from his cell, and is confronted by Jess Lund. She talks at him for a while, before the torturers are brought in. Tyll is left scarred

-Sa’di is also removed from her cell and is left before Cecilia and a White Mask. A brief discussion happens where Sa’di confirms that the Rohn’s are dead but refuses to discuss Saltblood and his people. She is also left scarred as Cecelia takes personal fun in dealing her damage.

- Meanwhile Prim is unknowingly getting on with her life. On hearing the rumours of a capture she looks into the various Axemen (Rochelle & Edward) who are found at Edward’s shouting at each other. Rochelle is calling him a coward & Edward is telling her to fuck off in a variety of ways. Prim interrups their ‘fight’ in which both of them shoot the other before convincing them to help out in whatever the hell is going on.

- She then heads to The Swindler’s Haul finding Tara who fills her in on last sightings that Sa’di had called for backup to Winterhill and both Tyll and Fagin had gone to aid. She continues to look into their disappearance and finds the area of Winterhill where all the stuff happened.

New Char Intro – Khai
Khai has been working around Rithaign for the MB, smuggling various items into the city. His contacts reach out looking for a Battlecraft spell which he goes to find. He manages to attain and sells on.

- Primula reaches out to Ginny and sets up a meeting. Through various actions, Ginny and her crew, Marie, Xander & the cult, Prim and a few of hers, Edward & Rochelle and a couple of The Silent Footsteps gear up ready to storm the keep.

- Khai is informed that something is going on in the underworld and goes to look into what’s going on.

- Meanwhile in Jail…
Both Sa’di and Tyll are given food.

Whilst fed Sa’di drinks water which releases a spell allowing her to sculpt an object out of another. She sculpts a sword from her manacles. Meanwhile Tyll is allowed out of his mouth piece to eat, and begins casting… (Fightan)

- Sa’di manages to get out of her cell when it is opened to move her, moving straight to get Tyll out of his, they fought with guards when suddenly Treb Quinlan, Kreeg & The Beast enter the fray, attacking Sa’di. However shortly after the crew that had moved to save them, enter and get them out, both Sa’di and Tyll go down during the fight.

- After the fight the crew remove them from the area. Retiring to a stable in the coutryside.

- The Silent Footsteps make a move to regain Sa’di’s and Tyll’s items from the militia and return with everything aside from the Kingsman badge & Tyll’s bowl.

Week 18 Summary

At court: After the Dryght check in on the spellbound, the court is left to its normal gossiping and Prim ended up talking with Celcilia Nostemark. After leaving the onversation she was seen talking with Treb Quinlan, Lady Blackwell, both Mother & Marius Nentarsce and Rivault.

Primula also meets up with Cecilia privately, also with them is Marius Nentarsce and Lady Blackwell. She is looking into a group of rogues who are within the city. The descriptions she gives are definitely related to the trio of Tyll, Sa’di and Reinholdt.

On leaving the court, Prim, Nentarsce and Sa’di discuss the situation, and during the journey a high spell goes off in the city. Sa’di makes headway to discuss with Tyll about it.

Tyll spent the day, trying to write an apology to Marie, Reinholdt spent his time working on his various projects, such as Tyll’s Kite and Sam’s arm.

Sa’di goes to see Tyll, discussing the issue with Cecilia and also the high spell that went off in the city. Whilst Primula heads to The Pig and Iron to talk with Reinholdt.

The group meet up at the Pig and Iron to discuss the situation. During the discussion, another high spell rings out and the group feel unnaturaly calm, and some lose heart.

Potential Suspects

  • Mother Nentarsce
  • Duke’s wife, Lady Cat
  • (-) Aldous Levitt
  • Some Dryght
  • Duke?
  • Marius Nentarsce
  • John Zinn (Ignatius Peeves’ Mate)
  • Artos and Farsees Rohns

Moving back to the plan regarding Cecilia, planning to trap her and her allies. Over a few days the group set differnt plans. Tyll starts setting up traps at a secondary location to lure Cecilia and her allies too, whilst also messing with the Artos Rohn.

Prim attends to household matters, checking on Drewitt and attending court. She also spends time getting the dog to like her.

Sa’di spends time speaking with many of her contacts, sending a letter to the Axemen, speaking with Axel. Edward and Rochelle both agreed to help. She also speaks breifly with both Agnes and Marie. Also during these days there is a meeting of the MB crew leaders Rajas Lachman is sending a representative over to discuss with the World Below.

The group set up the ambush and fightan happens…

After the fight the group retire to the bar, Rudello is brought to the bar by the group, and due to reasons Sa’di ends up keeping him as a hostage in the bar. Whilst waiting for the crew to find out if Cecilia is still alive.

Tyll also managed to send the letter to Marie who comes to see him, talking to him about his magic use and their feelings. Discussing their various back stories and how she is confused about it due to her time spent at the kings school.

Reinholdt returns to the farm where some bags have been packed. Agnes and Bruce are leaving Rithaign. Some goodbyes are said and teh two walk off into the afternoon. Sam looks sad but Reinholdt presents him Igancious Peeves Crossbow.

Week 17 Summary

The group meet up of an evening at Reinholdt’s farmhouse, discussing the future plans. Some of the other members of the farm wanted to move away from Akra.

Tyll and Sa’di check in on Agnes as Bruce doesn’t wish to head into the town itself. During the conversation Tyll is sent away after briefly slipping in to his hatred of the kingsmen. Sa’di convinces her to bring some of Bruce’s belongings and to come see him at the farm. Sa’di tells her that if she truly loved her son she was to leave Rithaign.

During this Primula discusses getting the workers of Bailey and Garett out of Akra and if they needed any further people taking or contacted.

Jada goes to see Tom for likely the final time, he was cleary relieved to see her but worries for her future.

At night Jac takes Tyll and Sa’di to a Cult of the King Below meeting. Before the meeting Sa’di discusses back-up with Fagin and Edward, setting them nearby in a bar in case it all goes wrong.

Tyll and Sa’di tail after the group of cultist when they leave the cult meeting house. The group are well armed and carrying armour. Roughly 30-40 people are gathering within the graveyard. The group head into a mausoleum within the center of the graveyard.

Sa’di and Tyll encounter a guard group but manage to sneak past into the catacombs, following the signs that the cult left behind. Finding a chamber after following the tunnels they find a group of about 60 people gathered around a large selection of sarcophagi. Farsees Rohn is making a speech, the place is the original catacombs but there is still work to be done.

The Cult are working on the main catacomb door whilst Sa’di and Tyll take down some of the previous baricades they had set up to keep some of the creatures out of the main area. A sound rigns through the main room and the sarcophogi open. The cult set up a perimeter whilst a bone creature forms within the room. The skeleton creatures are humanoid and roughly 50 ft high.

A voice booms out in a language that isn’t understood. A fight breaks out amongst the Cultist and the Giant. Tyll manages to absail down and nab Jac from the crowd and they tactically retreat. Sa’di reclears the path back out the catacombs.

Tyll Surges Again… People Die! (No one important seems too though)

Tyll and Sa’di go to leave with Jac in tow, they manage to get down the corridor getting back to the trapdoor at the entrance which is blocked by stone. Sa’di begins to set up an explosive device to get through whilst Tyll and Jac defend. The device is set and the zombie begin to swarm the group. The group managed to defeat the zombies just as the explosion rings through the area. Tyll, Sa’di and Jac run headed for the nearby pub to hide out.

Primula and her ‘Court Lads’ go looking into the Cult of the King Below armoury. Taking the Cults armour with them and their dog (Trevor).

The next day: Sa’di reluctantly shows up to Primula’s to attend court with her. At court nobody is noticably missing but some members are looking very injured.

Week 15 Summary

Lootin’ ensues amongst the corpse of the fight before. .

The group collect up all the various weapons, trinkets etc. into the second carriage taking it away, stopping at a coaching in nearby. Sa’di and one of the thugs head back into the city taking the generic horses back to the stable. Speaking with Ginny’s crew about a job well done, letting them know that the boxes were on route into the city. Then speaking with Primula about smuggling things into the city, realising that the Silent Footsteps organisation could smuggle in the weapons, and money into the city. Whilst Primula brought in the carriage and war horses.

The group reconvened at The Swindlers Haul, working out that a fixer was the best bet to open the boxes was a fixer. Reinholdt and Sa’di, went to see Lisette about getting into the boxes.

Lisette manages to get into two of the three boxes, netting 2,700 gold after paying for her
services. One of the thugs is sent with breaking the last box gaining an addition 2,800. Earning a total of 5,500, with the standard MB split earning Sa’di and crew 3,850.

Meanwhile Tyll and Primula leave to Trade Winds, to discuss magic and investigate the trio of items, the scroll is a wall of force. Further discussion they talk regarding magic and the mastery/apprentice trait. Whilst discussion Boaz comes to them stating a dryght was in the building talking with people. The dryght begins interviews with the staff. After discussion the Dryght arrests Tyll, detcting him and Jada as Spellbound


Tyll wins the battle after surges, and the dryght turned into a weird creature. Tyll manages to get people away and lie to the follow up dryght regarding the incident.

The group agree to meet within Primula’s house, to discuss the issue within Trade Winds. Tina the baker, Owen the dockhand, Bruce the raintroll were the customers in questions at the shop.

Tyll and Primula speak further about magic and perform a ritual for mastery/apprentice.

Reinholdt and Jada tracked down some of the customers, before the dryght. Silencing them before the dryght manage to talk with them.

After transactions wih Ginny Silent Footsteps end up with 6,850 after selling the carriage, but keeping the warhorses.

Primula sells the coin and scroll via Lisette.

Reinholdt wishes to speak with Nentarsche, Primula and Tom regarding getting his staff back. He gets Sa’di to go to the MB, Ginny won’t put people to it but names a couple of Axemen associates who might be willing to help: Edward the Blade(docks) & Rochelle(foreign quarter). Meeting Edward mentioning the Axemen he agrees to help hit the tower. Meeting Rochelle she also agrees after a brief annoyance at having Edward there.

Tyll agrees to draw away Dryght from the tower and disappears, quoting dusk as go time.

The plan is made and at dusk Tyll kicks off the plan and the crew begin their attack on Dryght tower.

Tyll begins a chase with the Dryght, kingsmen and Wardens in the area. He manages to escape the area after killing two, taking badges in the process.

On the signal the group start the attack on dryght tower, managing to succeed in getting Reinholdt back alongside the staff of Bailey and Garett.

Week 14 Summary

Week 14 (Song of the day – Kiss the Girl)

Court, Sa’di and Primula are sat in a room waiting on Artos Rohn and Baron Rivalt. Treb Quinlan knocks upon the door, asking to speak with Primula, regarding the shipping of weapons. Clarifying with Primula about her agreement with Lord Nentarsce. Artos and Baron Rivalt, return to the room, Artos discusses potential trading with East Fire due to the war and to further the Alya house story. Artos is interested in further trade deals, as is Baron Rivalt. Upon leaving Artos gives a look to Primula regarding the attack on herself earlier in the day.

During the evening Lady Blackwell and Delphina are having some kind of tiff. Sa’di is introduced to many of the notable people at court, meeting Duchess Katerina etc.

Reinholdt is working on engineering, whilst the shop continue working on the kite for Tyll.

Tyll finally goes on a date with Marie (Woohoo, go Tarie!), Marie has made an effort for the date, wearing an more date like outfit and perfume. Tyll buys her a new tricorn hat. They go to a legitimate Marnish establishment before a wander through the merchant’s quarter. After they go for a boat trip where they discuss life, Marie mentions that her surname is Winterhill: as she was an orphan child found in Winterhill.

3 days (Scene order play)

  • Tyll & the Cult – Setting Xander, Jac, and Scowler, up as Gulls of the Cult. Taking Scowler out on his boat.
  • Reinholdt & the Fighting Pits (+Sa’di)- Sa’di & Reinholdt get themselves into a group fight vs. a team of four. Fightan happens. Skin, Bones, Big Tom & Flat Face become regulars at the bar (potential crew mates)
  • Primula & the Family Meeting – Stuff happened
  • Sa’di, the Letter & the Gun – Sa’di speaks with Nentarsce regarding getting the letter sent out to the Axemen, acquiring some more rum and then sees Lisette in regards of trading the musket for a pistol.

3 days later.
One evening Snek wanders into The Swindler Haul, speaking with Sa’di, the crew are offered a job stealing minted crowns to the garrison. Sa’di gathers the ‘crew’ and they gather at Ginny’s.

Ginny runs through the mission, and the crew roll out. Swimming out of the city, the crew head for the nearby stables to grab some horses. The crew manage to get some horses from a nearby stable, going hunting for an ambush point in the road.

The fight goes in the favour, of Sa’di and her crew, beating the horsemen, infantry, drygt and warden.