Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Week 10 Summary

The group are intending to stay about the town for a few days as the engineers supplies will take a few days to collect. Before settling in the group & Marie & Karl decide on a picnic to celebrate the completion of the trade deal.

Tyll and Marie went off to explore the area, climbing up a nearby mountain, Marie voices her concerns about Tyll’s magic, with little conclusion to the talk. Tyll explains to Marie his plan, where she voices concerns as it’s the way the world works. Tyll informs her about magic, magic dislikes magic, but some mages don’t actually interact like Tyll and Jada.

On the ground the group continue the day in the sun, where Jada tells Karl of her parentage, where he confides he is also a son of wolves.

As the group return to the city Tyll slips away from the group, to investigate the change to the river and cause damage to the water wheels. Enough damage causes the tower to come down and then continued damage to the water wheels etc. Tyll disappears off outside the city to hide from the guards.

Come morning Tyll hasn’t returned, Marie speaks with Sa’di worrying about where he would have ended up, and whether he could have be caught, the pair go looking for him. Reinholdt is looking out over the wreckage, observing the reasons for the damage. However him and Jada see to the trade deals.

The group decide to stay one more night, where Tyll asks Sadi to leave a message upon the palace, about freedom. The following morning the group are paused at the gate due to the problems. However as Reinholdt talks through the situation, and the group leave. Jada disapproving of the evenings activities.

The group move out along the travelling route. One day as the group travel, there is a howling of wolves in the moring. Karl, Sa’di and Tyll scout ahead to investigate. Finding a child (roughly 10) sprinting through the forest, a wolf pack trying to protect them, being pursued by soldiers. Karl goes to interject calling Tyll and Sa’di to follow.


Tyll runs off following a guard who had gone after the child, whilst Sa’di, Karl, Reinholdt and Jada defeat the two others.

Jada briefly exchanges words with the pack, whilst the others return to cart. Reinholdt finally puts all the pieces together, working out that Tyll and Sa’di were behind the trouble, moving on quickly afterwards. Finding the river and travelling along to a small settlement where ships often pass by.

The group find there way to the Fyraji forest, Jada wishes to find her fox family, going into the forest whilst the others set up camp nearby the cart. Jada brings her pack to meet the group but returns to the glade for rest.

Jada speaks with her low god who is worried by deforestation to the north and asks her to investigate. Convincing the others, to go north a few days and check it out. Upon reaching the area there are many cut down trees and it seems the Dunlorish army are present.

Jada speaks with the people present in area, the local Lord Vitalie is sanctioning the effort. Mining efforts using the wood to fuel the machines and the man they send seems to dismiss her.

As the group leave, something kicks up and the birds in the nearby forest begin circling. swarming the area. The group stop briefly for Jada to say goodbye to the foxes and move towards Welvarge



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