Bohemond 'Bo' Royston



Human Nine blood – Use one inspiration a second time once per scene
5 – Body
4 – Magic
5 – Quickness
6 – Strength
7 – Heart (added +1)
7 – Charisma
12 – Reason

WL- 5

Fix, Fraternity, alchemy, quick fix, transfuse, transmute, mortal dram, scholar, the Great Work.
World as a weapon. Keen eye

Weapon style
Guardsman – str 6, weapon, armour, shield
Five seasons – reason 6, quick 5, str 5

Histories: 77 points, 8 histories – 66 spent
Privileged childhood in Akra (10)
Spent years in the army (20)
Assassin in the city
Deserter creates a new life (10)
‘Fixes’ thing for a living (23)
Shady dealings (fixer trade deals) (20)

Language: Akran (3) Native 1pt
Language: Serai (1) 1pt
Language: Dunlor (1) 1pt

Never return to service – (1)
Strong sense of personal justice – (4)
My family is the Fraternity – (2)

8 – ‘One of us’ with other fixers, can call on on Fraternity Scope 15, Force 6, Arcana 6, Shadow 14, Efficency 8 -one action a month.


Very strong moral Compass- which serves his own ends.
He takes personal slights very hard – and takes nothing so personally as being on the other end of a threat. Banter is one thing. He was a solider. But point a sword in his face and he’ll put his hard-earned battle skills to use.

He was in Akran army, left during the first siege of eastfire. It ws first modern war, where industrial powers clashed. He deserted, seeing the scale of destruction and the tools used. He joins the Eastfire underworld, and expanded his knowledge of fixing while freelancing as a knife. He found Rajas Lachmann distasteful, and moved swiftly out of his circles. They nod when they met, and each hold a lingering respect for the skills of the other.

He’s had many names. ‘Boxer’ while he was in the army, ‘Traitor’ when he left, but he feels most comfortable with ‘Boe’ – more so than ‘Grandfather’ although he fiercly protects this title.

He has a strong certainty that it is his moral compass that protects him, and takes time over his choices. He makes friends slowly, but once made he will jump to their aid.

A few times he has used his skills to murder members of the underworld, a serial killer in Akra, a drug lord in Marnh. Both times he was paid, both times were bloodier than he had expected, and both times left a mark on him which he has not been able to erase.

He’s been in Black Cove for a month, and is looking for a way to get further out from under Lackmann’s thumb.

Bohemond 'Bo' Royston

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