Cecilia Nöstemark (Deceased)

Nobleborn from Broadmarch


Known Inspirations
Desire to ? (Revenge?)
Hatred of ? (Sadi? Prim? Those who killed artos?)

Wealth level 10 Boss from Broadmarsh.


A nobleborn of House Nostemark, a noble family from Akra’s northern Broadmarch duchy with a reputation for being powerful sorcerors. Cecilia is a younger daughter who does not stand to inherit much of the family’s property and so, as is usual for such heirs, is rumoured to have been trained in duelling, skulduggery and security. Her official title of Seneschal is a euphemism for her real role as a blade in the dark for her elder, more important siblings.

She has been seen a lot in the courts of Rithaign recently, presumably looking after her family’s holdings in Rithaign. Courtly rumours place her as the confidante and possible lover of Artos Rohn, and rumourmongers can certainly confirm that the two have been seen together a lot of late – although they have never publicly presented themselves as a couple to the court.

The jury is out as to whether Cecilia is spellbound or not. Her family certainly have a reputation for it, but she is not publicly on record as being one. Nevertheless, as Seneschal, keeping any magical talent quiet would be to her advantage.

Boss, Rogue 11

Strength 7
Quickness 10
Reason 5
Charisma 5
Magic 6
Heart 7


Drive to prove myself to my family 2
Vengeance for Artos 2
Hatred of Sa’di 4


Given a noble’s education in Broadmarch d10
Trained in the shadow arts d12
Served as Seneschal to House Nostemark d20
Shadowmaster for the Cult of the Long Death 12
Language: Dunlorish
Language: Thyran


Twin Weapon – master
Black Powder and Crimson Blade – master
Court Sword – neophyte


Precise slayer (people I have been directly ordered to assassinate) – major
Harrowing – minor
Death study – major

Cecilia Nöstemark (Deceased)

Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms) Doodmons