Marquess Primula Brimstone

Seradynn Noblelady


Matriarch of House Brimstone

Trevor is mine! He loves me!

Body : Armour 5/5 : 4/4 Mood 7/7 (+1 max mood following Valta Rayal for 1 month, +1 heart in rithaign) Wealth (Income) 7 (10)
Race Seradynn Gender Female Class (Level) Noble (20)
Charisma 8+4 Magic 7+1 Heart 6 + 1
Reason 4 Quickness 6 Strength 5 Sovereignty 4
Combat Styles
Parapet Defence (a) Language of the Stars (M) Court Sword (M) Dramba (M)
Love of the Forgotten Mother 3
Love for the People 2
Desire for Freedom (?) 2
A History of Political Intrigue in Akra 20
Agent for the Merchants Below 20
Keeping an eye out for trouble 20
Convincing people to do what I want 20
Language: Akran 3
Language: Ancient Rithite 2
Language: Savage Descent 1
Language: Nahalite 1
Language: Serai 1
Language: Marnhish 2
Language: Opanan 1
Language: Rielan 1
Language: Thyran 1
Language: Old Thyran 0
Language: Avedinian 0
Language: Dunlorish 1
Language: Orynjan 0
Language: Jakattan 0
Language: Kitaarsan 1
Suspected Conspirator -6
Scandal -6
Landed 8
Landed & Wealthy 14
Kindness toward Common Folk of Akra 20
Criminal Associations in Akra 13
Friend of Marius Nentarsce 13
Saviour of the Trolls 12
Fiendishly Creative 12
Rising Star 13
Shrewd Political Operator 12
Killing My Enemies 12
Practitioner of Magic 12
Saint of the High God 12
Type Name Effect
Racial Troll Regeneration 2/5 left Can regenerate one body with two consecutive tricks. 5 in total per season.
Racial Detachable Body Part: Ear Seradynn can remove one body part, and it remains functioning up to 1 mile
Noble Noble House Begin play with Noble House at scope 1. Also begin at wealth 4.
Noble Reputation Charisma score in points of reputation. Each title Level, gain charisma level in reputation points.
Noble Impose Successful Social attack against an opponent at 0 mood, may force them to take an inspiration/fear about you.
Noble Leader Once per day/scene per person you can raise a friend’s mood by 5 with a short conversation.
Noble Secrets Per scene, cause 4 mood damage with a social attack or they reveal a secret.
Social Public Relations (Grand) Every reputation above 7 provides a wealth 9 item or lower. Reputation 12 or above means you are memorialized: reputation (8) with all who see it, and you have a special day named after you. On that day, mood 6 above normal throughout.
Social Secret Sharer (Grand) If a person confides a secret in you, increase maximum mood by 1. This lasts until secret is told. Can have 2 secret for up people up to charisma. (Sa’di x2, Khai x2, Tyll x2, Grumpy man x1, Jac x1, Jada x1)
Martial Field Marshall Extra command point and one heroic action per round

Equipment (click!)

  • Owed a favour by Tumenant for helping post dryght crisis

The Short Version

Primula formed in House Brimstone, where she was fast adopted as magically competent. She rose to Head Advisor and Witch of the House, her proximity to the Lord protecting her from the claws of The Dryght and Noble Society. On his deathbed, Lord Yurd Brimstone named her his heir and she took the name Brimstone. The house was rapidly consumed by the vulturistic society of Akra, but with aid from Marius Nentarsce the house found its feet. Primula uses her new power to look out for Trolls targetted by Gareth Mintar and help the little folk.

Primula has worked as a smuggler for the Merchants Below, though she avoids direct involvement herself except on sensitive missions or those requiring the social standing of a noble, or the abilities of a Speaker of the Stars. She is regularly accompanied by a squire and her governess.

The Longer Version

Primula formed approximately 48 years ago, whilst a young and living Lord Yurd Brimstone enjoyed dinner with his guests, who needless to say abandoned the endeavour. She soon became somewhat of a curiosity within the house, a peculiar being of odd talents for of two things they were sure:

One, that she was delightful.

Two, she was naturally gifted in the magic of Stars.

Whilst this would have been an issue, the Lord of the House assigned her as an advisor and witch of the court. Understanding the interest Isabella Raixe would have in procuring her, Lord Brimstone made sure to have her kept within the estates of the house and trained to fight against magic from the best users of the Parapet Defense style he could employ.

As Primula grew, her friendship with Lord Yurd blossomed and she was elevated to the role of Grand Advisor, accompanying him to functions and running his estates during absences. True to her inception, she proved to be a competent Witch of the House. Primula was much more level headed than many of the other Seradynn, and was consequently accepted by much of the staff as being a blessing from the High God himself to the house.

Primula, in her own time, grew to research and question the nature of her arrival and what it meant. Despite the beliefs of many in the house, she knew in her heart she was not a creature of the High God. Nor was she a creature suited to this world. She hid her passions, and her love for her liegelord, and indeed the love of her fellows, for that is what was taught. And yet, it spilled over and in a night of dreamless sleep she saw the truth of her being, and the seradynn in their entirety.

Such a revelation did not come free, however, for the morning of that day she awoke to find Yurd had taken ill. His health failed, and so Primula and his Squire spent what time they had beyond sleeping in keeping him comfortable and happy in the last of his days. In tiredness, she let herself be ruled by the very emotions she had kept locked away, but this passion allowed her to work greater magics than those she had hitherto known or seen.

At his death, some weeks later, Brimstone Manor was full of mourners and vultures. Yurd, who had not wed, had no heir and many lands. One of the most invested was Farsees Rohn who saw this is the opportunity to expand his own house. So it was, at the hour of his death, all there bore witness to the choice of Primula as heir to the Brimstone Estate, that her firstborn should be heir and all her firstborns to follow would hold the title and estates belonging to his own ancestors, that he adopted her as his daughter and heir to the fullness of the law, and that everyone should bloody well leave him alone.

Such was not the case, however.

Farsees and the Rohn dug for old debts left unpaid, formerly disregarded for favours owed. However, the law does not cover the goodwill of men in smoky rooms. Like a surgeon at his table, they dissected the lands and staff of Brimstone’s remaining estate. What was left to Primula was barely enough to bury her former lord, but Marius Nentarsce stepped in to bury a man he had respect for.

-Taken from “An Abridged Recent History of Akran Nobility”

Slowly, the estate was rebuilt by Primula and those loyal to Brimstone and not their purses. Whilst maintaining the spectacle of a social climber, Primula has worked as a smuggler for Marius and the Merchant’s Below; indirectly involved with axemen incursions and high profile thefts of noble houses. Primula is well known for spats with Gareth Mintar who she views as some sort of evolutionary throwback, and actively employs trolls targetted by his temper in order to protect them, and rile him.

Her revelation, as it were, was that the Seradynn were creatures of the Forgotten Mother: the Wife of the High God, who left him so that love could bloom in the universe. Their passionate natures were themselves the inspiration of a Low God attempting to renew the universe. And so she spends what time she does in trying to protect and foster love in Akra, for it is said that if the High God would but feel Love once more, he would accept his own wife back and the world would enter a new age without the cloying paranoia of the current one.

Marquess Primula Brimstone

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